Oliver Tree Wants To Make Some Noise At The Armory on 8/16


On August 16th, downtown Minneapolis will be hosting Oliver Tree at the Armory; Get your tickets HERE while you still can! 

Oliver Tree will be showcasing their “Cowboy Tears – One Last Ride” tour with artists JAWNY and Huddy joining us for the show as well. JAWNY originated in Philly and is known for their indie-pop-meets-slacker-rock sound, as well as 2019 single “Honeypie” and 2020 mixtape For Abby. Huddy is known for being a key member of the 2020’s pop-punk revival movement (and their TikTok content) with their flagship album released in 2021: Teenage Heartbreak; every track on that album is phenomenal from what I’ve heard so far. 

Oliver Tree hardly needs an introduction these days, being dang-near-viral daily on social media for his catchy tunes, attention-grabbing costumes, and music videos alike. “Life Goes On” is hands-down Tree’s biggest hit lately, but don’t let the 2020 album fool you as a starting point; he’s been making music for years as I first heard him back in 2017 with his feature on “When I’m Down.” Outside of his own performances, it’s almost impossible to not hear one of Oliver Tree’s songs on TikTok or Instagram on any given day. This show will play said classics, we can hope, but will focus primarily on this year’s February release Cowboy Tears.