Twin Cities Concert Photographers’ Favorite Shots of 2015


We asked the photographers, who we bump into in photo pits on a regular basis, to share their 3 favorite photographs taken last year. Rather than picking the “best” these photos show the ones they feel the best about.  It never ceases to fascinate me how 3 or 4 of us can shoot the same 3 song set and end up very different images.  I for one, am learning each time I look at others’ work.

Thanks to all the contributors who have taken the time to choose and respond.

Tony Nelson

A fixture in the Twin Cities music scene, Tony Nelson is a professional photographer who specializes in portraiture and documentary photography. He contributes to CityPages, GO96 and also is the house photographer for the Xcel. His website is Tony Nelson Photography

David Rubene

David Rubene is a Photojournalist on staff with Twin Cities Media. With many years experience as a professional photographer, David covers national and local artists but has a focused passion for capturing emerging artists in concert throughout Minnesota. Whether it is covering local events, concerts, or shooting promotional shots, he brings an appealing perspective to the images captured. David’s personal website is

Chris Juhn

Photography is Chris’ big passion. It has taken him to way too many incredible moments to count and its been the single biggest thing in his life to define it and point it in a positive and constructive direction. Photojournalism is what started to stand out as he kept shooting over the years. He wants to tell a story with his images and likes to do this through capturing emotions and moments in what he shoots. Chris Juhn Photography

Matt Kennedy

Matt Kennedy Photography started from a passion and has grown into a dream.  Starting with bridal poses and growing into rock-on fists, Matt has extended his portfolio with Macklemore, Halestorm, Slash and Train.  Showing a variety in his work and abilities, he seeks the pit looking for that one shot.  That shot that makes you want to say “Hell Yeah Got It”. Matt can be found online at

Kyle Hansen

Kyle Hansen (RKI Images) has been shooting concerts for about 30 years. Each one is a challenge and exciting. RKH Images has expanded to many areas of photography but concerts are still my favorite.

Brian Genz

Brian Grenz is a Minneapolis-based concert photographer.  The focus of his photography is documenting concerts in Minneapolis and Saint Paul.  He maintains a sometimes up-to-date tumblr blog   and can be emailed at

Bridget Bennett

Bridget is a documentary photographer based in Minneapolis, MN and a journalism student at the University of Minnesota. Her past internships include MPR News, Star Tribune, City Pages and was formerly the Multimedia Editor for the Minnesota Daily. She has contributed work to previously mentioned outlets as well as Bloomberg, Pioneer Press, Forum of Fargo Moorhead and Star Tribune. Her web site Bridget Bennett Photography

Connor Siedow

Connor Siedow is a portrait, wedding, and concert photographer based out of the Twin Cities. He currently shoots for The Show Last Night ( and his personal website is

Jamie Miles

Jamie has been a concert photographer in the Twin Cities for about 5 years. Photographing National and local artists. She has worked with Little Big Town, Brett Eldredge, Kristian Bush of Sugarland, BlackJack Billy and more. Just recently she had had one of her photos of Keith Urban published in his 2016 Official calendar. Concert photography is her passion. She loves working directly with the artist(s) and capturing the energy of their live shows. You can see her work at

Darin Kamnetz

Darin Kamnetz is a Minneapolis-based freelance photographer who has contributed work to, City Pages, and Mpls St.Paul Magazine, among others. His web site is at Darin Kamnetz Photography

Markus Akre

Markus is a staff photojournalist for TCM and an experienced concert and event photographer covering a wide range of local, national and international artists. Photographing over 150 shows and festivals in 2015 he strives to capture the uniqueness of each artist. His personal website can be found at