Turnstile @ Varsity Theater 3/20/2015


My live introduction to Hardcore Punk happened Friday, courtesy of Maryland band Turnstile. Opening for New Found Glory at the Varsity Theaters. They hit the stage running. No, that’s not a metaphor, singer Brendan Yates pretty much ran on stage and left for the barrier to spend some quality time with his fans. He tossed the microphone in the audience for some hardcore karaoke and on a few occasions had to use another band member’s while his was making its way back to the stage.
Bass player Franz Lyons was a high leaping bundle of energy.
Juming, crowd surfing and a decent size mosh pit were on hand as well. Aside from a few slightly bewildered audience members (I am talking about you, dude in the Paramore t-shirt) everyone had a great time. I was an experience shooting them.
By Turnstile’s standards this was probably a pretty quiet show though, unlike this one a few weeks ago

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