Turnstile Gives Minneapolis A Little TLC And A Night To Remember


I won’t lie, I was still feeling pretty bummed to have missed Paramore’s live debut of “All I Wanted” at When We Were Young Fest this past weekend waking into The Fillmore to see Turnstile love for the first time. There’s just something about missing out on one of my favorite songs by my favorite band that crushed my soul a little, but knowing I was about to witness the hype of Turnstile firsthand made up a bit for it. Even though I am a fan, dare I say an advocate, of early shows, it took a while for the sold out crowd to trickle in  to The Fillmore. Soon enough the house lights dimmed and JPEGMAFIA took to the stage. 

Back to my old habit of letting a live performance sway my impression of artists I’ve never listened to, I had no idea what to expect from JPEGMAFIA. This is an eclectic lineup and JPEGMAFIA easily fit in to the vibe of the crowd. From the moment they walked on stage they seemingly had the crowd from the palm of their hands. This feeling increased substantially when JPEGMAFIA went out into the crowd for nearly an entire song, working their way up and down through the middle of the pit. It didn’t seem like there was a dull moment during the entire set; the crowd was jumping along to each beat, screaming the words back on stage. JPEGMAFIA even through in brief acapella rendition of “Call Me Maybe” to an eager crowd. All in all, JPEGMAFIA knew how to work the stage and the crowd and was a great set to get the night started. 

The penultimate band of the evening, Snail Mail took the stage promptly at 7:15. While the crowd had settled energy wise from JPEGMAFIA to Snail Mail, that’s not to say the crowd wasn’t into their set. With an eclectic lineup comes a different crowd response and there were plenty of folks in the crowd swaying and singing along to the croons of Snail Mail. The band deceivingly slowed things down to start their set; the vocals, while filled with conviction, more tender but the confidence and emotion that musically emitted from the stage often out powered and elevated the live experience. It was a treat to experience Snail Mail for the first time and it got me looking forward to their next stop in the Twin Cities.

Last but certainly not least for the evening was headliners Turnstile. The last time the band was in the Twin Cities, they headlined The Varsity, and have had a massive gain in following since then. Starting things off with a bang, the band came out to a wild crowd before launching into “Holiday.”  The best way to describe the crowd for the remainder of the night was chaotic in the best way; there wasn’t an idle person in the crowd, everyone was dancing, screaming along, and genuinely  having a cathartic experience along with the band. The crowd sang along to every single song, there wasn’t a moment of rest outside of the drum solo and even then people were vibing along. Truly an incredible setlist, Turnstile played most of “Glow On” to a sold out crowd who ate up every second the band was on stage. Even though the band played a lot of songs, their songs are on the short side and their set quite literally flew by. Ending the night with a little TLC and confetti, Turnstile proved without a doubt they are one of, if not the hottest band on tour right now.