Torres packs the 7th Street Entry


Some Friday nights are for dancing and drinking away the cares of the week, while some Friday nights are for quietly enjoying the beauty and intimacy of live music. Friday at 7th Street Entry was a perfect blend of both.

Kicking off the evening was Philadelphia (by way of Paris) based duo The Dove & The Wolf. The Dove & The Wolf is the project of Paloma Gil and Louise Hayat. This folk meets pop duo started the evening with a quiet and heartfelt set. “It’s great to be back in Minneapolis, the last time I was here I had strep throat, so this is way better,” said vocalist/guitarist Paloma Gil.

There was an undeniable seriousness to The Dove & The Wolf’s set, but behind each lyric seemed to be a sense of pensiveness. There is no shortage of depth from this duo both musically and lyrically. Gil and Hayat’s ethereal harmonies were absolutely chilling., which had the audience in the Entry rapt. “You guys are really great, you’re quiet. That’s nice, we like that,” Paloma went on in between songs.

Part of this air of somberness that hung thick in The Entry was undoubtedly from the fresh wounds of the massacre in Las Vegas just a few days earlier. It was a somber week across America and particularly the music community. There was a tangible sense of both mourning and celebrating the beauty of live music that was felt during The Dove & The Wolf’s set.

This sense of mourning is something The Dove & The Wolf is seemingly all too familiar with. “This next song is about how Paris felt after the attacks of 2015,” said guitarist/vocalist Louise Hayat ahead of Seven Days. “It’s strangely beautiful how people can come together after tragedies like that,” she went on.

And that is just what The Dove & The Wolf’s set was in Minneapolis – a sense of togetherness, though heavy-hearted, celebrating the beauty of live music.

Headlining the evening was New York-based TORRES  who has been one of perhaps one of the biggest breakout artists of 2017. Her name has been swirling the blogosphere for the past couple years but she’s hit a sweet spot on her latest release Three Futures, which was released just a few weeks ago to wide reception.

TORRES definitely kicked the vibe up a notch in the Entry with her heavy guitar and electronic synthesizer driven set. “Thanks so much! It’s an honor to be here. I’m having so much fun and we’re only three songs in,” Mackenzie Scott aka TORRES said towards the beginning of her set. That feeling was mutual at The Entry with the crowd much livelier than they were during the opener, though just as attentive.

“It should be sold out in here,” a gentleman next to me remarked. It was pretty darn near sold-out at The Entry but this strangers sentiment rang true. There was something so enthralling about TORRES as both a music and a performer that almost demand a stage 10x the size of The Entry. However, the tiny 7th Street Entry made for an extremely intimate and magical evening with TORRES
Perhaps the most captivating element of TORRES’ set was Scott’s vocals – growly and visceral at times and electronic-poppy at others. From song to song, Scott seamlessly blends industrial goth sounds with synthy electro-pop sensibilities, sometimes even on the same track.  

Though Friday night marked the end of a somber week, both The Dove & The Wolf and TORRES created a space at the Entry to reflect on the week, celebrate the intimacy of live music, and even dance away the cares of the week a bit.

TORRES tour continues 10/11 in Portland.

Setlist: Tongue Slap Your Brains Out / Skim / Righteous Woman / New Skin / Honey / Sprinter / Cowboy Guilt / Bad Baby Pie / Three Futures / Helen / Marble Focus / Concrete Ganesha