To: Myth Live – From: Quinn XCII, With Love


The first time I had ever heard of Michigan raised – L.A. based artist Quinn XCII was in 2015 when one of the remixes to his song “Stung” came up on my Spotify. After doing a bit of a deep dive into his discography, Quinn XCII’s music proved to be an excellent mixing of genres. His creative use of different sounds paired with his unique vocals made me an instant fan. Last nights show had been on my bucket list for a while.

I had bought my ticket for this show almost half a year ago and by the time Quinn XCII and company finally made their way to Minnesota last night, to say that I was excited would have been an understatement.

I arrived at Myth Live a bit before the 7:00 pm doors to find the entire parking lot filled with cars. The line of people waiting to get in probably contained three times as many people as there were cars in the lot. The show had been sold out for months and with the first hints of “warm” weather here in Minnesota, fans seemed more than happy to wait outside for what this photographer would later describe as one of the best nights of his life.

The building was packed before the live music even started. Voices filled the air telling stories about how people had found out about any of the three artists who would be taking the stage. Around eight, the background music stopped, the lights dimmed and the sound of stories turned into deafening cheers as Christian French took the stage to start off the night’s events.

Throughout Christian French’s entire set the crowd’s energy was high. The 21-year-old singer/songwriter had the people jumping and singing along with him like he was the headliner. It was unlike any opener I had ever seen; I swear every person in the building knew every word. I too found myself grooving right along to the melodic guitar and California feel of songs like “Love Ride” and “Superstars” as I was trying to take pictures. Christian French matched the crowd’s energy, hopping from one side of the stage to the other, reaching out to fans who screamed at the touch of their hands with his. Christian French even played two brand new songs that had everyone in the building movin and groovin right along with him. (Two songs that I am now anxiously awaiting the release of.)

Being a huge Christian French fan myself I was already star struck and couldn’t wait to see what the rest of the night had in store.

Then Ashe took the stage. A name that I personally had only ever heard of as a feature on one of Quinn XCII’s new songs, but after tonight she is a musician that I am totally in love with. Ashe is an artist who has an incredible and real appreciation for every person who comes out to support her. She made the crowd laugh with her, smile with her, and cry with her as she serenaded Myth Live with her impressive vocals, sassy stage presence, and bubbly smile. As she played the piano and sang her heart out across the Myth Live stage. The crowd sang right back giving her all the love they had to give. (People literally asked her to marry them) A few of the other photographers and I all had to take a moment after her set because we were absolutely awestruck with Ashe’s performance.

Two incredible performances later, the night was still young, and I was left wondering how on earth it could get any better.

Then Quinn XCII took the stage and I immediately knew how the night was going to get better.

Dressed in a one of a kind jumpsuit Quinn XCII, beard, hat and all, took the stage to “Sad Still” a new, high energy song off of his recently released sophomore album “From Michigan With Love”

The energy from the crowd had been on a constant rise from the second the night started and Quinn XCII’s set was no exception. Fans jumped up and down screaming along with every word. One song after another Quinn XCII took his fans on a journey through his life and his music. Bringing a mix of high energy classics like “Full Circle” paired alongside new songs that touch on issues like mental health and anxiety Quinn showed raw emotion that brought concertgoers together for a night they aren’t soon to forget.

The most powerful moment of the night was when Quinn XCII performed his song “Panama.” Fans banded together showing love for the artist whose grandparents had recently passed. Quinn delivered the song without the help of the drums or the keys he had on stage with him giving fans a raw and powerful vocal rendition of the touching song. This song gave me chills before and seeing it performed like this made it that much more powerful.

Quinn XCII finished the night out with a three-song encore that pretty much capped the night off perfectly. The audience, the media crews and I all couldn’t help but jump around as we watched Quinn bless us with his unique sound and gorgeous artistry. Cheers filled the air at Myth Live as “Flare Guns” finished and the lights dimmed. Quinn XCII made his way up to the rail throwing himself into the crowd to surf atop his adoring fans.

I went into this show not knowing if seeing some of my favorite artists live could possibly live up to the expectations I had, but I left knowing that I couldn’t have dreamed of a better concert. The intimate setting at Myth allowed the artists to interact with their fans. Fans who all had an absolute admiration for each artist who walked on that stage. Each artist showed that love right back by showing appreciation for every single fan showing them their love. The mix of high energy music that had the crowd out of their minds mixed with the raw emotion of very personal music from each artist created a concert experience it’s going to be hard for other shows to live up to.