Saul Rocked The What’s Up Lounge


It was a great night of rock at The What’s Up Lounge for the first show of spring.  People certainly showed up to this one.  I arrived pretty close to 9 and the place was fairly full.  It was great to see the good turnout and I hope it is a trend that continues!

First up this show was local band, MOLS.  I caught these guys late last year and it was a treat to see them again.  Their punk sound and the way they command the stage make this a band that it appeared many had come to see.  They moved through the songs quickly, but they made time for jokes and kidding around between songs.  I enjoyed watching MOLS again and it’s interesting to see the guy normally doing the sound up on stage performing!

The Moonlight Community took to the stage next and at first seemed like your standard rock band.  However, when they started their second song with a three part acapella, it became quickly apparent that they were anything but standard.  As they moved through their setlist, the style seemed to change with each song and it was refreshing to see a band that isn’t afraid to experiment with their sound.  The energy and movement on the stage was also on the top of the scale from the shows I’ve seen at The What’s Up.  Judging from the reactions of others in the crowd, The Moonlight Community will hopefully make a return to Mankato soon.  They are based in St. Cloud, so those of you living in the Twin Cities should keep an eye out for this band!

Finally, Saul took over the stage after a very quick stage change.  They had their own light kit and the box the singer stands on looked like it got a cool redesign with lights and smoke.  Saul was one of the bands that I took photo of when I started out taking photos.  I’ve been lucky to have been in Iowa or they have been in the Mankato area, but it has been about 3 years since I last saw them.  They were every bit as good as I remembered.  Their new song, “Brother”, has been doing very well and that might have been the reason for the higher than usual number of people at this show.  Saul’s set seemed short, but maybe it was just because I was really enjoying watching the show after I was done taking photos.  It was good to catch up with the band after the smoke from the show cleared.  If you didn’t get to this show, Saul will be returning in about one month to play with Messer.  Make sure to mark your calendars!  Saul was a great kickoff to the spring season of shows!

As always, support live performances and I’ll see you out there!