They Might Be Giants Taking Over The Twin Cities 6/14 Through 6/16


If you played your cards right, you will be spending three nights in a row with They Might Be Giants. This legendary band will be taking over First Avenue in Minneapolis on June 14th and 15th before moving into Saint Paul with a show at The Fitzgerald Theater on the 16th. The only show with tickets left is the Friday, June 14th show at First Avenue but even that show is on a super low ticket warning (link below).

These shows are part of their “The Big Show Tour,” TMBG’s only area appearances for 2024. They Might Be Giants plan to take full advantage of this tour’s two-night stands by performing two very different shows, not only to keep the song selection and high-wire musical improvisations ever-changing but also to encourage return audiences looking for deep cuts and hard left turns. With sets featuring the earliest days of Dial-A-Song through their platinum album Flood, and all the way to their Grammy-nominated album BOOK; each night of this multi-city run can expect a spontaneous, sprawling, enthralling musical event unlike any other.

They Might Be Giants are in top form and back on the road with their ever-evolving show. Featuring songs from the earliest days of their Dial-A-Song service, through their platinum album Flood, all the way to their Grammy-nominated album, BOOK; each night is its own distinct celebration of the band’s singular songbook. Backed by their notorious live band now including a three-piece horn section, expect a spontaneous, sprawling, enthralling musical event unlike any other.

Before Alternative Rock, when rock dinosaurs still roamed the earth, They Might Be Giants crawled out of the primordial performance art scene of the Lower East Side and on to the college rock scene with a series of breakthrough songs and best-selling albums. Vaulted into the national scene by a series of highly creative videos, the band ultimately garnered the attention of the powerhouse major-label Elektra Entertainment.

Here’s the link for the remaining tickets for the Friday night performance, but seriously, move fast: HERE!