Knocked Loose Decimate Fillmore


Minneapolis got served a seminal slam of tasty hardcore goodness this past Wednesday. Kentuckian legends Knocked Loose brought an international support cast with them on the tour to support their brand new album (as in, just came out you should check it out right away) You Won’t Go Before You’re Supposed To. 

First up to deck for the insanely heavy night were Australian band Speed. They’ve been making waves in the Aussie scene for the past several years with some fiery EP releases and a forthcoming album Only One Mode, and their straightforward approach to beatdown hardcore set the tone for the night with immediate aplomb. Vocalist Jem commands an incredible stage presence, larger than life, and with his accompanying rhythm section, Speed packed a hell of a punch into their short set – even getting the crowd going with some crowdsurfing, which is not often for an opening band!

Liverpoolian heavy wizards Loathe were up second. Loathe have been buzzing since their 2020 release I Let It In And It Took Everything, a mesmerizing mishmash of everything from shoegaze to nu-metal to ambient, a sonic smorgasbord that sounds like 5 different bands but ultimately sounds entirely Loathe. Kadeem France and co’s job is to take that incredible sound and translate it live – and translate it they do. France’s charisma is unmistakable – he commands attention between sugary sweet clean highs and ferocious metalcore growls, the perfect contrast to the gut-wrenching guitar playing of Erik Bickerstaffe. Loathe played a significant amount of material off I Let In In… including my personal album favorite Heavy is the Head That Falls With the Weight of a Thousand Thoughts. The blast-beated intro to this song leads into the album’s most sensational breakdown as Kadeem barks over nearly 3 minutes of destructive chugging – a likely candidate for favorite live moment this year already.

Third arrival to the party was New York’s Show Me The Body. This set was something else – having personally never heard the band prior to seeing them live, their was this initial shock at trying to understand exactly what was happening as Julian Pratt came out in a bright red hoodie and began lowly mumbling into the microphone as waves of synthesizer pulsed over the top. Fast forward to the end of the set – and I was in love. Show Me The Body’s uncompromising, earnest vision for heavy music sets them apart from everyone else. You may hear something like them in 5 separate artists, but you will not hear anything exactly like this band except by them. Watching Pratt lay into his distorted electric banjo as drummer Jackie Jackieboy gave his kit absolutely everything he had and bassist Harlan Steed effortlessly swap between entrancing synth and top-mixed explosive basslines – it leaves an unforgettable impression, one that feels completely and wholeheartedly earnest, a wholly sincere expression of rage. Pratt screamed “Sorry to bother you” at the end of the set – but I suspect for the crowd it was anything but.

Bryan Garris and co. took the stage last, the banner covering the stage finally revealing the telltale cross skewering religion, a thematic marker for their lead single Blinding Faith, and then we were off. It had been a number of years since I had last seen Knocked Loose (I have fond memories of almost being crushed to death in the pit trying to get a photo back in 2019), but their meteoric rise in the scene makes complete sense – they’re excellent musicians making excellent, artistic-forward metalcore that it so evidently a cut above what anyone else is doing, of course they were going to blow up. 

What was really remarkable about Wednesday’s performance, however, was just how little had changed. Sure – almost 5 years had gone by, but it was exactly the same band live – just better. You still had Bryan screaming his head off with everything he has, you still had metalcore’s best rhythm section (shout out guitarist Isaac Hale’s side project Inclination) laying down some of the genre’s nastiest riffs and head-breaking breakdowns- but it was refined, perfected. For my money – Knocked Loose are the best performing metalcore/hardcore band currently running, and you really only need to see them play a song or two to come away with that impression. The fans seem to agree as well – as soon Blinding Faith was rolling, the flow of crowd surfers didn’t stop for a full hour plus. Absolute madness from beginning to end, and they didn’t lose steam for a single second. The onslaught seemingly would never end, but the last notes of Everything is Quiet Now faded away and the attack was over – but hopefully, will be back again soon.