The Wood Brothers will be Rolling into Minneapolis at First Avenue on November 14th!

On November 14th The Wood Brothers will be coming to town at First Avenue. The group comes to First Ave for the 5th time with all of their old hits like “Loaded,” “Luckiest Man” and many others from the past as well as with their recently dropped single “Alabaster.” While the band has an album in the works, we must also not forget how their most recent album (One Drop of Truth) was not only self-produced and recorded but also was in contention for a Grammy in 2018 for Best Americana Album. Not many popular artists these days utilize things like an upright bass and acoustic guitar in such a modern, refreshing way as the Wood Brothers do while also having relatable and light-hearted lyrics that we can find ourselves jamming to on the way to work or on the way to happy hour. 

Tickets are still available HERE

Joining the Brothers will be the artist Nicole Atkins. Atkins will surely be shaking things up this evening with her genres being defined anywhere from “Crooner,” to “psychedelic,” as well as “Americana.” Her most recent album was released in 2017 and goes by the title of Goodnight Rhonda Lee. A lot of Atkin’s music grapples with her life’s mistakes and hard lessons learned- something we can all relate to. 

Don’t miss out on a chance to see these two fantastic artists on November 14th! First Avenue will be jamming!