The Violet Nines Will Be At The Icehouse On 4/16!


Do you hear that? That sound that’s getting louder and louder? That’s the sound of The Violet Nines gaining more and more momentum down in Minneapolis, Minnesota – and you’ll get the chance to see them LIVE in person on April 16th at Icehouse! Tickets are still available HERE and you should see them before they gain more popularity (in other words ASAP because) “Sold Out” is in their future. 

Known for their “groove pop” and funky-rock vibes, they’re gaining a solid reputation for their vibrant and electric concert performances. All of this is extremely exciting, their growing fame and promising ambitions, but let’s be honest – any band that incorporates a smooth saxophone is a winner. Known simply as The “V9s” in short, the 9’s have shows all over the midwest this spring and have even bigger plans on the horizon – now is the time to strap in and hang on as they fly past that purple-colored cloud-9 on to greater and greater things. 

Joining the 9s will be a fellow local act known as Benny Nord; A family man with a huge heart – Nord is a growing act with a solid, dedicated fanbase (at least online!) and you should definitely check them out on socials.

Don’t miss out on this great local act and a great night out on the town!