The Revivalists Melt Away Winter Blues At The Palace With Outstanding Performance


To be completely honest, with how this winter has gone, I’ve grown accustomed to a weekly snowstorm and there’s been a few times where that storm has aligned with a show I want to be at. While trudging through the snow to get to the Palace Theatre to catch The Revivalists was basically a nightmare, once I walked in the doors I forgot about the snowy mess that was outside. Instead, it felt like I walked in a home away from home, somewhere that would take my mind off of what I knew would become another snow filled trek back home.

First up for the night was Nashville based Rayland Baxter. The crowd was slowly but surly trickling in once Baxter & Co. took the stage, but once the house lights dimmed and the stage lights turned on, all of the attention in the venue went to the stage. Personally, I always like the first time I see a band live, because a live performance really does sway what I end up listening to for a few days after the show. When Rayland Baxter started their performance I wouldn’t necessarily say I was blown away by it; however, I definitely found myself with my eyes glued to the stage, the music evoking the seemingly simpler summer vibes I have been craving. For that, I was impressed with how their music was able to spark a distinct emotive reaction for me that made me want to keep listening to what the band had to offer after their set had ended.

One of the things that I’ll admit is that I am particularly fond of shows that have three or less bands on the bill. Tonight was one of those nights and the headliners The Revivalists were on stage shortly after 9pm to a packed Palace Theatre. The small catwalk in the center stage was soon filled with the incredible stage presence of lead vocalist David Shaw who, alongside the remaining seven members of the band, helped to fill the Palace with an incredibly emotive and energetic show. Shaw is a master at working the crowd, even jumping off stage in front of the barricade a few times while I was in the photo pit to interact with fans on both sides of the stage. Between the incredible lighting that accompanied their solid performance, the perfect blend of old favorites and new tracks from their recent album “Take Good Care,” and how well all eight members gelled together on stage, The Revivalists proved to be a perfect remedy to the winter weather.