The Ghost of Paul Revere will be riding into Minneapolis at First Avenue on 11/20

The Ghost of Paul Revere and Animal Years will be taking the stage at First Avenue this November 20th. Both bands yield the power of folk and emotionally-charged lyrics and will be sure to hit us all right “in the feels” in a variety of ways when they come to town.

The Ghost of Paul Revere reigns from the northeast U.S. in Portland, Maine and with them comes the cool breeze of the atlantic and cryptic, powerful lyrics. The folk group has been making music since their first album North came out in 2012 as well as three others, most recently being Monarch in 2017. They’ve not only been growing in popularity – they are the authors of the official state ballad of Maine with their song “Ballad of the 20th Maine.” They have their place in history in more ways than one. With a banjo, bass, and guitar at play on top of profound and relatable lyrics we are in for something special. 

Joining Paul Revere’s Ghost will be Animal Years – a group who started out in a Maryland High School, climbing to fame through what the band considers an abundant amount of grass-rooted hard work, winning “one fan at a time.” Their most recent EP came out in 2017 and is titled Far From Home. Their influences are The Luminners and Vance Joy to name just a couple. Their determination and passion oozes out of their heartfelt and upbeat music. 

We’re in for an amazing, emotional roller coaster at this show – don’t miss out!

Tickets are still available HERE