Bishop Briggs Sets Palace Theatre Stage On Fire


It was beyond cold as I made my way to Saint Paul on Tuesday night which made the wait outside while an issue with the guestlist was sorted out that much more painful (and I mean literally painful). Any other night I would have just cut my losses, gotten back in my car, and taken advantage of a night off but not last night. Last night was one of those shows that I wasn’t willing to miss. It wasn’t so much for the headliner (although I don’t mind Bishop Briggs), it was more for the two opening acts that had left me completely stunned the last time I saw them.

Thankfully, the issue at the door was sorted out and I was in just in time to catch a couple of songs from opening act Jax Anderson. Where do I begin with this amazing woman? I can’t remember why but I caught her when she was performing as Flint Eastwood back in April of 2017 and to say it changed my life wouldn’t be an understatement. She was amazing. Everything about her. From her music and her look to her attitude, Jax was everything I inspired to be and it started a fire in my heart. I was bummed when my friend sent me the news that Jax was no longer going to tour as Flint Eastwood but was relieved when, just a couple of months later, there was movement on Jax’s Instagram with some new music just under the name of Jax Anderson. I didn’t care who was headlining the show, as soon as I saw Jax’s name as a supporting act for a show in the Twin Cities, I knew I just had to be there.

Although she now just tours as Jax Anderson, not much has really changed with this incredible performer. Her songs are still just as powerful and her quirkiness seems to have only been perfected over the years. There’s something painfully accessible about this woman and something so brutally honest that it’s impossible to not be completely captivated by her while she is on stage. Her set was full of familiar songs that have been on heavy rotation for me since the first time I saw her and some newer songs that show there has definitely been a change with this new performance name but she is still staying true to what put her on the map for many people. Names change, looks change, hair styles change but Jax Anderson will also be one of those performers that stays true to herself and her fans and that’s more than refreshing.

Following Jax’s quick opening set was Miya Folick. Miya opened for Kate Nash last year and I remember being completely in love with her quirky movements and sound. Although Miya’s set on Tuesday night seemed a little subdued compared to that fateful night in October last year, I found myself falling for every word and movement from this beautiful woman. Her music is dark but it’s not. Somehow every word contains a sense of pain and sorrow in it but her performance comes off as bright, poppy, and completely organic. Yeah, I get that that description does nothing to help you figure out just what Miya Folick’s set was like but that’s honestly the best that I can do. It was all over the place from slow songs to fast dancey numbers but regardless of what song she was performing, there was something completely infectious about Miya’s smile and something addicting about her aura. Although her set didn’t seem quite as impactful as the first time I saw her, there’s no denying Miya’s power and talent.

Closing out the night was the one and only Bishop Briggs. Born Sarah Grace McLaughlin, Bishop Briggs is one of those acts that you don’t quite realize just how many hits she has until you see her live. I stood there in awe as I was able to recognize about 80% of her set. Not typically one for the radio, the fact that I had heard so many songs from this woman who spends majority of her time on the top-40 charts says everything that needs to be said about the versatility of this performer. Her music is moody and kind of all of the place when it comes to her influences. That was made clear when after her anthemic song “White Flag” was followed up by a medley of Twenty One Pilots’ “Stressed Out”, Panic at the Disco’s “I Write Sings Not Tragedies” and My Chemical Romance’s “The Black Parade”. Although I was surprised to hear some of my favorite songs pumping through the speakers, it made sense. At 27 years old, Sarah inevitably had an emo phase at one point and you can hear that influence in her songs if you listen close enough. To watch as she paid homage to those influences definitely shined a new light on this young performer for me.

It was next to impossible to get a picture of her as she spent majority of the set literally darting from side to side of the stage. The energy that radiated from the stage and Sarah was absolutely electric and had her nearly twenty song set flying by in the blink of an eye. Although the crowd was far from sold out (I blame the fact that it was the Twin Cities’ first night of unbearably cold temperatures), there was a power behind the audience that had braced the elements to come out and support this beautiful line-up of powerful women. I felt more energy in the Palace Theatre on Tuesday night than I have at sold out arena shows and that says everything that needs to be said about how amazing my Tuesday night was.

As I stood at the will call window waiting impatiently for the ticket snafu to get sorted, I found myself justifying me taking the night off from shows and missing this one. No matter what I told myself, it didn’t feel right. I knew that last night’s show was one that I couldn’t miss and I was definitely right about it. What a great Tuesday night.