The Big Wu Family Reunion Festival Holding Tradition Strong


The Big Wu Family Reunion annual music festival hosted by the Rock and Roll jam band The Big Wu took place this past weekend at the Camp Maiden Rock West in Morristown, Minnesota. The festival featured multiple bands covering three stages, several vendors,  as well as on-site camping.

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Jammers The Big Wu have been playing together for a long time, but not much symbolizes their history together than The Big Wu Family Reunion. For the 16th year running, this Family Reunion had one best line-ups, with Peter Rowan, Dean Magraw, Allie Kral, Cornmeal and more that came together for the weekend event.

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When is all came down to it, there was great attention to two things that seemd to matter the most (for both musicians and those attending) … Sound/production, and hospitality. For a mid-sized festival, the three stages and their sound systems were top notch. I was able catch some of the Saturday afternoon artists as they started to get the crowd pumped up for the day. Geoffrey Fischbein, Todd Clouser, and Kung Fu Hippies could have easily been headliners all by themselves.

20160813-Big Wu Family Reunion-136Hospitality was amazing. There were great, yet unique, food vendors to play to really any delight you were looking for. In addition, there were other vendors that had interesting trinkets and artwork. In all, this painted a complete picture and set the tone for the event. There was even a pretty broad span of generations that were in attendance … groups of friends, families, couples … with most having attended the event several years in a row.

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One thing was very clear, The Big Wu Family Reunion festival really do things their own way and on their own terms. The loyal fanbase of festival goers really thrive and appreciates it. It’s a proud tradition, a seemingly bonding experience, a place where people meet, and a chance to make memories that’ll last until the next event.