Green Day Energizes the SOLD OUT Xcel Energy Center


Saturday’s Green Day concert came in with a “concert of the year” aura. It not only lived up to its hype, but was also one of the most energetic shows you’ll see. The SOLD OUT Xcel Energy Center performance was a nonstop rave of the band’s infectious and unmistakable songs, it had the entire crowd in the arena on its feet from the very start.

Green Day is too buoyant to get weighed down by politics, even when it came time to play “American Idiot,” the title track from the band’s brilliant 2004 album. The song might have some renewed relevance these days. But with the exception of a single four-word message for the president screamed out by frontman Billy Joe Armstrong at its end, the message of the song, and the whole night, was “let’s have fun” … and fun is exactly what Green Day provided. The two and a half hour show cover a full selection of their hits with an awesome display of ear-busting pyrotechnics. In the end, the crowd never let up the constant roar.