The 5SOS Show Takes Over The Armory


Photos by Alexa Chihos

To say I was excited for The 5SOS Show to come to Minneapolis would be an understatement. Anyone who knows me knows that I am a dedicated 5SOS fan and the impact that this band has had on my life. I saw them on their Take My Hand tour last year and their Meet You There tour back in 2018 so I had an idea of what I was walking into with this show. That being said, nothing could have prepared me for what I believe is the best show 5 Seconds of Summer has ever put together.

I think a part of me forgot that 5SOS’s core fanbase is growing up because I looked around the packed venue and saw more 21+ bands than “X”s on hands which was a first for me. Don’t let that deceive you though, The Armory was packed full of fans of all ages from enthusiastic parents to their small children that sat on their shoulders so they could get a peek of the stage. Nostalgia swept through the venue as fans showed up in skinny jeans, flannels wrapped around waists, and some even showing off old tour shirts.

The opening act was a band I was familiar with and have kept up with on social media for a while but I wasn’t as familiar with their music itself. Let me just say that this error has been corrected. I cannot remember a time when I watched an opener’s set and forgot about the main act but I found that happening to me. Meet Me @ The Altar’s energy is so confident and exciting it’s infectious. The pop-punk band consists of three members, Edith, Téa, and Ada, all from different states who met on the internet and formed the band in 2015. The moment they walked on stage they had my attention and did not lose it for the entirety of their set. Their music is new and fresh while also giving the same vibe as when you’ve rediscovered a favorite band that you grew up with. Along with their own songs, they performed a 2000’s medley with Since U Been Gone (Kelly Clarkson), Complicated (Avril Lavinge), and Burnin’ Up (Jonas Brothers). The crowd obviously went crazy when these songs started playing but what truly amazed me was that they kept most of that energy for their whole set. The goal of the opener is to energize the crowd and get them ready for the main act and Meet Me @ The Altar went above and beyond in this area. I can’t wait to see what’s next for them.

Before coming on stage 5 Seconds of Summer appeared on the screens in the venue in a comedy skit. The first video talked about concert safety and etiquette which I was extremely grateful for because being familiar with the fanbase, I knew there would be some people in the crowd who needed the refresher. We had about ten minutes in between that and the official start of the show which felt a little awkward, almost like they played the video too soon, but once the lights dimmed we were greeted by another opening credits video introducing each member of the band that ends with them running to the screen which seamlessly transitioned into us seeing their silhouettes on stage, the banner falling, and the show began. 5SOS is a band that thrives performing live. I personally believe that any of their songs sound 10 times better when performed live and that’s no hate on the studio albums at all, it just shows how talented they are. 

I’m seeing more and more with artists when they go on tour that the focus has shifted from pushing the latest release to playing an eclectic mix of old and new. I’ve seen this work before but also really hurt the quality of a show. The 5SOS Show is one of the instances where it works. The entire night felt like not only a love letter to the fans who have stuck by their side all these years, but also to themselves. It was so apparent that each member played a hand in designing it all and that it was something they were proud of. It was so interactive and flowed smoothly. You were never just standing there waiting for the next thing to happen; it all worked together to create this complete concept. One of my favorite transitions was going from ‘Disconnected’ to ‘You Don’t Go To Parties Anymore’. Taking something from one of their first projects and then fading into a song from their latest album felt so complete and really showed how timeless their music really is. 

5 Seconds of Summer is a band that I will time and time again tell people to see live in concert. Performing live plays such a prominent role in their identity as a band it feels as if experiencing it makes you understand them on a deeper level. Seeing all the creative energies poured into a night like this will never be anything less than inspiring.