STRFKR at First Avenue April 27th

STRFKR at First Avenue
STRFKR at First Avenue

Alternative indie band STRFKR to make a stop on their US tour in Minneapolis at First Avenue April 27th. Supporting them during this show will be Ruth Radelet and happy sad face. 


This band who’s moniker was a joke to begin in 2008, but as soon as this band started to gain popularity they decided it would stay. STRFKR has been growing and experimenting with sounds throughout the years. Their beginnings in manicured electro-pop they exhibited on their 2016 album Being No One, Going No Where, to their follow-up album that’s stripped down Future Past Life. This is their sixth album that debuted in 2020 after lead singer Joshua Hodges took a trip to Amsterdam and met some other like-minded artists. Recently, as of a little over a month ago, they released their latest album Parallel Realms. This album takes you fully on a journey throughout realms.

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