Max Frost Takes Over The Entry


If you judge shows by the amount of memorable moments, then last night’s Max Frost show at the Entry was one heck of a show. I go to 100+ concerts a year, and some disappear from memory faster than others. I will be talking about last night for a while. I had a night with no show scheduled and found myself once again checking out artists I was not familiar with. The line of people waiting in the freezing drizzle to get in surprised me. The entry was well attended when the first opener took the stage.

Fresh off the release of her new EP “Hindsight 20/20” Upsahl has been called an “Up-and-coming indie-pop queen” and a few minutes into her set that seemed a good description. The music is light hearted but the lyrics are not afraid to address issues. “Drugs” is talking about the monotony of modern day parties. I was impressed by her performance and stage presence. I got a good chuckle when the dedicated one song to “All the F***boys” and the shocked look on a couple of parents’ face who had brought their younger kids. It’s an 18+ show. Bring you kids at your own risk. 🙂

My first impression of Mikey Mike was a wanted poster (for owing $ 2.3 million in child support) at the merch booth. When the set started a little person took center stage and I was a bit confused. What that Mike? As the music started I felt a tap on my shoulder and Mike made his way through the crowd to the stage while singing – DUH to me. The hip hop style music got the crowd worked up in a hurry. One fan had brought some ribs and got treated to a shot of whiskey from Mike’s boot. A couple of poems were part of the set (he said one landed at 4 %, but the second Woof Woof was much better received. His set ended with “Doin’ me” and had fans sing along.

Max Frost’s stage setup was impressive. Large back lights crowded the small Entry stage and what seemed like a full band was set up. My eyebrows rose when only one person came on stage. Was that one guy going to play all these instruments? Damn straight! Max fed a few cords into the bass, looped it and moved the keyboard. From the first song everyone in the packed venue was shouting along to the lyrics.

Max’s sound is a very dancy pop and had fans moving as best they could in the crowd. Loud cheers erupted when he pulled the cover of his drum kit to add it to the plethora of instruments he managed. The vibe of his performance in the intimate club was outstanding.

Set List: Intro / New Confessional / Sdreams / Drum Moment / Paranoia / Anti Up / Sometimes / Nice And Slow / Eleven Days / Anxious / A$$Hole / Die Young / Stranger / Slow Jamz / Put It On Me / Shimmy Ya / Withdrawal / Money Problems / Adderall / White Lies

Encore: Lmde / Irreplaceable / Good Morning