SOFI TUKKER Takes Dance Party To A Whole New Level At The Fine Line


A warm spring day, some alcohol and a packed venue is how many Minnesotans spent their Friday night. New York based duo SOFI TUKKER helped turn strangers into friends if only for one night. Minneapolis was only one of the stops on SOFI TUKKER’s Treehouse World Tour, the whole lineup made you feel like you were at a New York night club. To be honest I wasn’t sure what to expect for the night. I had only heard two of SOFI TUKKER’s songs before heading to the venue but I was ready to experience something new.

Opening the night was Los Angeles based, LP Giobbi. Giobbi is joining SOFI TUKKER on both the North American and European leg of their tour. Let me tell you, this young lady has some serious DJ skills. Giobbi blends her skills as a jazz pianist with electronic beats to make complicated and thought-provoking dance music. Her stand out song from her set was her recent release with Amber Rose, an anti-slut shaming track. With the way the young DJ became one with her music was intoxicating to watch and to be a part of.

Following LP Giobbi was the duo ANIMAO. The duo was very eerie at the start of their set. Tony, who became a group favorite due to his dance moves, knelt at his laptop. His counterpart, who never actually said his own name, leaned into the crowd staring down individuals in his short shorts and crop top. As I wrote this out I scoured the internet looking something, anything on this mysterious duo that came out of nowhere.

Spoiler…I found nothing.

This duo instantly won the crowd over with their energy. They had the crowd jumping on their feet and dancing along with a dance they taught the crowd. The singer engaged the crowd at every chance he could. At one point he invited Carly, a fan I met in line, to have a drum solo on his stomach, which if I say so myself she did a bang-up job.

With the exit of ANIMAO, the stage hands cleared the stage in preparation for SOFI TUKKER. Sophie Hawley-Weld and Tucker Halpern were greeted to the stage with a thundering eruption from a packed audience. If you have ever watched any of SOFI TUKKER’s music videos you would find a common theme of bold colors and eye-catching clothing. The stage was no different with exotic flowers and jungle-like trees. The stage lighting added to their theme with vibrant blues and greens.

SOFI TUKKER is not your typical EDM duo. There are no laptops, only synth drums and a bass guitar that produce their 90s house-inspired jungle pop music. “They are the best upbeat, fun, dancing sort of music I’ve heard that still has substance and layers. They’re clever and cheeky and they put on a stellar show. It’s almost interactive, which also adds an especially unique layer to their work and style. They’re not your stereotypical sugary pop in any capacity and I have never really found anything quite like it before” Carly told me as we awaited the start of the show.

The night was a continuous dance party and the fans couldn’t get enough. From the lights, to the music, to the choreographed dances the room exploded with energy. If you were looking for a moment to take a break, you were shit out of luck, no dull moments could be found. From opening for ODESZA just a short six months ago, SOFI TUKKER really proved why fans can’t get enough and why many are alread to welcome them back.

Standouts included: Batshit, Best Friend, I’m a Queen, and Fuck They.



  1. ANIMAO literally formed that night to cover for the absence of Kah-Lo. I think they are friends &/or roadies. What an amazing and fun show – with infectious energy. Big fan here.

    • That’s awesome! Now it make sense that I couldn’t find anything on them! But I never would have known they were a fill in! Thanks for letting me know!

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