Fuzz Packs The Fine Line For An Amazing Wednesday Night Show


I am still recovering from my weekend getaway to Chicago this past weekend while prepping for a getaway to Miami soon. To say I’m a bit fried would not be an overstatement and I honestly probably should have spent my time on Wednesday night continuing to get caught up on work while getting ready for the next adventure but it had been three days without live music and I could feel my soul needing it so I somehow mustered up the energy and motivation to leave the house and make my way to The Fine Line in downtown Minneapolis.

I feel like I have a good idea of what goes on in the local music scene regardless of what scene it was so I was a bit surprised to realize that I had never even heard the name of the opening act, Floodwater Angel, but that also gave me a sense of excitement. I was captivated as soon as they took the stage. This band had a very theatrical opening that quickly ramped up into a set that was full of controlled chaos, unique sounds, and endless energy. Floodwater Angel’s sound is perfectly loud, bratty, and grungy with a strong garage-rock vibe. Although overall it’s a bit chaotic both musically and when it comes to the presentation, there was something truly flawless about their set. Don’t get me wrong, they were clearly having fun on stage and I loved the energy they were giving off but there was just something super professional in a way about their sound. There was thought put into every note and every word that I feel like you don’t always get from local bands. I honestly have no clue how this band has flown under my radar but I see them now and I can’t wait to get so much more from them.

I loved listening to the conversations happening around me as the stage was turned over for the only other band on the bill. There was a sense of excitement but it was a different kind of excitement than I typically experience. People were educating their friends on who was about to take the stage. “So there’s Charles on guitar, Ty on drums, and Chad on bass. They are all like the best musicians I have ever seen!” That is just one example of a conversation happening around me as I patiently waited for the unknown. Although I am well aware of drummer Ty Segall from his various other projects, I really knew nothing about Fuzz other than their CD has been sitting on my desk waiting for a review for ages. So really, I was going into this show blind.

If you haven’t at least heard of Ty Segall’s name, I will have to assume that you have been living under a bit of a rock. With thirteen albums under his belt as a solo act and then more under the bands Fuzz, Broken Bat, Epsilons, Party Fowl– honestly, the list goes on and on, Ty Segall is no stranger to the stage and has constantly been pushing his own boundaries along with constantly pushing his listeners in all of the best ways. Although at face value, Ty’s style is so out of left-field from what I typically listen to, there’s been something about him that has caught me and I will never miss a chance to see him perform whether that is in a solo setting, with his band, or in one of his many projects including Fuzz.

There was a roar of applause as soon as the trio took the darkened stage but that applause and cheering quickly hushed as the band jumped into their set. I couldn’t tell you what songs the band played or even how many they played through but I can tell you I was stuck there with my jaw on the ground and my eyes glues to the stage throughout the night. Fuzz is a musician’s band. What I mean is, as the opening act, Fuzz puts extreme thought into every note and word that they place in their music. Switching between genres like it’s nothing, there were moments throughout their set that had a very jam band feeling while others had an almost experimental noise vibe to them. Regardless of the style, there was close attention to detail from each member creating a set that made it impossible to tune out even for a second.

Much like how the music was a bit all over the place, so was the audience. You had people trying not to miss a single note that came from Charles, Chad, or Ty, and then there were those you could see literally feeling the music to their core. Whether a person was standing there trying to take it all in or thrashing about in the small pit that was happening in the middle of the crowd, it was clear that the music of Fuzz was having an effect on everyone in the room. Even if you had just been dragged to the show by a friend or showed up to get a show in, the music affected you in a beautiful way creating the perfect way to spend a Wednesday night.