Slightly Stoopid at the Cabooze Plaza 8/30/2015


The bros were out in force Sunday and by the looks of it, a bunch of them made it on stage. Clad in long cargo shorts, T-shirts, ball caps and sunglasses Slightly Stoopid’s attire matched much of their male audience (and made sense in view of the weather and the setting sun facing the stage).  After a brief “How you doing Minneapolis!” the band launched into “Dabbington”. Their sound is a mix of reggae, rock, ska, and anything else that came to mind when the song was written. I may sound like a recipe for musical disaster but it works in a strange, relaxing way.  Their set list was as a mix of songs from their current album “Meanwhile…Back at the Lab” and classic material, which they have plenty after 2 decades of touring and writing music.

Slightly Stoopids music was a perfect match for a warm summer Sunday evening and if it were not for the power lines behind the stage it would have felt like a Caribbean beach.

Set List:
Wicked Rebel
2 AM
This Joint
The Prophet
Don’t Stop
Don’t Care
Champion of the Charles
Anywhere I Go
Devil’s Door
Call Me Crazy
Up on a Plane
Hold it down
Prayer For You
Baby I like it
Mr. Chatter Box
Open road (acoustic)
No Cocaine
Express Yourself


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