WE ROSE YOU – SOLD OUT at The Fillmore – The Rose ‘Heal Together’ with Fans



All Black Rose who made it out to The Fillmore Minneapolis last night to see The Rose on their Heal Together tour deserve a fan merit badge. 

Not only was the 7pm show SOLD OUT, but due to some technical hiccups seemingly discovered during sound check, doors did not open on time. So, fans -some of whom had been waiting in line since 9:30am, and maybe even 1am according to venue staff- were not let in at 6pm as expected. It had been a gray, breezy day with highs in the low 50s and as the sun set, the air only got grayer, breezier, and chillier. Remarkably, this did not dampen the upbeat mood of the soon-to-be audience and all 2,000-ish persons waited patiently, chatted cheerfully, and shivered stoically. (And everyone was probably very grateful that it wasn’t rain-snowing like the day before.)

After a solid 1-hour delay in door-opening, the last of the GA section was funneled in a little after 8pm. 

At 8:15pm, The Rose took the stage and kicked off with Woosung’s cold open of ‘Definition of Ugly Is…’ from the South Korean pop-rock quartet’s brand new album, Heal

Did everyone listen to ‘Heal’?

Woosung asked. “…this album for us was very important. Very vulnerable and very intimate as well.” Hopefully the band got their answer with the presence of a SOLD OUT house. 

The set-list for the 1 hr 45 min-ish show would go on to feature some of the band’s older works – including ‘Beauty and the Beast’ and ‘Sorry’– but the lion’s share came from this new album. After a four-song intro, the band paused for introductions, and apologized profusely for the delay, and thanked fans for their generosity in waiting. 

“We really feel that it’s not us that’s special. It’s not the listeners. …It’s the music that’s special, that brings us together.”

The Rose at The Fillmore Minneapolis 10-15-2022

Despite any tour-induced vocal strainage and possibly some ill-timed monitor failures and frustrations (Woosung seemed to be not having a good time with his ear piece), The Rose delivered a warm and sweet show, and filled up Black Rose hearts with the soft, dreamy romance of their music. 

And fans should feel well cared for by the band. Early in the set, keyboardist and singer Dojoon (known also as Leo) took a moment to thank the crowd for their enthusiasm but also asked everyone to back-up one half-step for everyone’s safety. The whole GA section obediently shuffled backwards, slightly. And mid-show, Woosung stopped and called for house lights to check on a fan who seemed to be faltering. It didn’t seem like medics were called, but the band asked everyone to please stay hydrated and confirmed the person was ok before starting up the next song. And, of course, the members apologized for delayed start and offered ‘a hundred thank yous’ during the show. 

Everyone in attendance will have their own fave performances from the show, but ‘See-Saw’ done live was pretty special, as it features some rare solo vocals by bassist Jaehyeong and the band revealed the song was written especially for him. The live performance of ‘Childhood’ was also especially lovely with drummer Hajoon taking over keyboard, and Jaehyeong on an acoustic guitar serving as the only accompaniment. ‘Red’ also sticks out as being a treat to see live. 

Conspicuously absent from their set were Woosung’s solo works, with the exception of ‘Modern Life’ a frustration anthem that’s cathartic to sing along with.

But this isn’t surprising since this tour all about The Rose: being back together after mandatory military services and pandemic lockdowns, and finding a path to healing together through their music. 

The set closed out with the lead singles from Heal, ‘Cure’ and ‘Sour’ and then a single-song encore of ‘Black Rose’ capped off the show with members throwing roses and guitar picks into the crowd. 

Judging by all screaming during the show, the fan-chants after the final curtain call, and the happy faces streaming out of The Fillmore after, local Black Rose will be ready to welcome The Rose back to town any and every time they visit.