RAWHIDE: Orville Peck Will Take First Avenue With Two Shows 6/4 And 6/5


First Avenue is a historic venue – no doubt. Part of what makes this place so cherishable to the Twin Cities is how damn near anyone can perform in the joint and the place still matches the vibe, regardless of genre. Things are about to get a bit desperado-western this June as Orville Peck will be riding into town for two shows. Get your tickets HERE

Generally, I like to talk about the opening act first, and we will get to The Nude Party, but let’s start with our man of mystery. A masked man with a mysterious background, no one truly knows who Peck is beneath his western, stringy-looking mask. Peck’s music sounds like he’s from Montana, USA but he’s actually based out of Canada, and born in South Africa – while also spending time in the UK; this guy also has a background in ballet. 

In other words – he’s not your run-of-the-mill honky-tonk musician but that’s part of the reason why so many adore him and his music. Guitar in hand, and mask-on, we are excited to hear hits from Peck’s most recent album Bronco (April ’22). Will he take the mask off? Doubt it. 

Opening for Orville will be The Nude Party. This indie-rock/folk group from the Carolinas are known for their 60’s/Frat-Rock type sound and that will surely resonate with this guy and I hope it will with you too! They have a collection of stellar hits but I’d imagine they’d focus on their most recent album – Midnight Manor

Don’t miss this folky-honkytonk vibe at First Ave!