Silverstein Celebrate Debut Album With A Saturday Night Serenade At Varsity


Saturday night, sentiment, nostalgia and good vibes were alive and well at the Varsity Theater as Silverstein celebrated the 15 Year Anniversary of their debut album When Broken is Easily Fixed. Silverstein has been a band since 2003 and are considered some of the true pioneers of the emo genre. Given the fact that Silverstein were playing two sets (one including the performance of their debut album in full), there was a certain buzz in the air that attracted many fans to line up at the theater before doors even opened.

When I got to the venue, I thought of this show as sort of an “indoor Warped Tour in January.” Most of these bands (especially Silverstein) are Warped Tour heavyweights, and have been touring the country extensively during their career. With the lineup of Silverstein, Hawthorne Heights, As Cities Burn and Capstan, it was hard not to feel some kind of summer punk vibe even in the dead of winter.

The first band on the bill was Capstan. Capstan is post hardcore band that bring some interesting and refreshing dynamics to the table. When you’re a post-hardcore band, I feel like it’s easy to get buried into a niche with your sound. However, I feel like Capstan breaks the mold. Ranging from aggressive riffs to softer melodies, they were heavy, melodic, and I thoroughly enjoyed them.

As Cities Burn were next. As Cities Burn has been in the scene for awhile and just released a slick new song 2020 AD. With a handful of breakups and hiatuses, As Cities Burn are no doubt looking forward to a fresh start, getting back on the road with Silverstein and recording new material. Their stage presence was powerful, and the audience seemed to really groove with them. I’m looking forward to where this band goes next.

As the crowd began to grow in size, Hawthorne Heights took the stage. When Hawthorne Heights played, I feel like things just hit a little bit different. Hawthorne Heights is one of those bands I have never seen live but have always secretly wanted to. They’re definitely one of THE emo bands. They played old classics like “Pens and Needles”, “Saying Sorry” and “Ohio is for Lovers” while also mixing in new material.

I was excited for Silverstein. They came out and tore through their first album When Broken is Easily Fixed and then played a follow up set full of their greatest hits. Watching their set, I could see why the band has had success for so long. Silverstein was high energy, loud and extremely tight. The audience seemed to enjoy themselves, as there was ample opportunity for moshing, dancing, and circle pits.

Overall, it was a really fun evening. I’m glad I got to witness the celebration of such a classic album in the alt-rock and emo world. Silverstein and friends put on a great show, and it was definitely worth the visit as feelings of warmth and nostalgia filled me and made me feel good when the cold Minneapolis air did not.