Yung Gravy Was Sensational At The Fillmore Minneapolis


The freshly christened Fillmore Minneapolis was in full swing by the time I made my way into the building, through it, and to the photo pit last night. DJ Tiiiiiiiiiip was in full effect at the helm of the stage and the party was in full swing. He had those in attendance already ‘eating out of his hand’ so to speak with his signature mix of today’s most notable pop rap tracks and oldies guaranteed to make you parents bust a move. We were just a few short minutes away from Yung Gravy and Tiiiiiiiiiip made absolute sure they were ready to give everything they had to the Hometown Hero. 

The Gravy train hit the stage close to 9 pm once the noise level required to unlock his presence had been achieved. But Before Yung Gravy could get the party all the way started he and Tiiiiiiiiiip had some announcements to make. Addressing the ladies in the crowd both Gravy and announced their fondness of the fairer sex, stating that if anyone was being creepy or touchy or invading personal space to inform a member of the staff as ‘Gravy don’t play that way.’ A hip hop show that starts with a Respect Women PSA? And they say chivalry is dead. With the important out of the way Yung Gravy launched into a few deep cuts. 

Taking time out of his set time to talk a bit about how special a Minnesota crowd is, Yung Gravy vowed there would be a Minneapolis date on every tour going forward. And who can blame him, Minnesota loves their champions and Gravy is the latest. It was about this time when the show was paused for the second time due to someone in the crowd puking, the first had happened just before Gravy took the stage. As they were gearing up to get back to it after the distraction, a beer can flee through the air from the back of the crowd unfortunately striking a young woman close to the front. Yung Gravy was immediate with an interrogation asking who threw what. The crowd gave him away in a second and he was told by Yung Gravy himself to leave the venue. Just a reminder here that you shouldn’t throw things at shows as you never know where they’re going to land. Gravy calling out this concert goer for poor behavior is something to be commended. I’d wager most who go to shows regularly have had a few evenings ruined by that one guy at the show who can’t hold his liquor, but I digress.

It was that time of the show. The time of the show where the crowd should reach that desired level of turn up. “We’re like eight songs deep and I haven’t seen a mosh pit” Gravy Exclaims. DJ Tiiiiiiiiiip and Gravy set to splitting the crowd down the middle in order to sort of catalyze the moshing. No punching disclaimers were given to all and the Wall of Love a.k.a the Wall of Turn Up really got the crowd moving again. After that exercise in proper crowd movement a small hydration break was needed as water was thrown throughout the crowd. This moment led softly into a little inspirational pep talk between Gravy and everyone in the audience. As a lead up to his collaborative track with Canadian born MC bbno$ (baby no money)  Yung Gravy made sure to let everyone know they should never be afraid to shine on their ex. He let them know that even through the sunglasses he had on inside, he could see that they deserved to shine before the song finally dropped. 

Making his way through some of Baby Gravy’s most popular tracks, there was even a point at which he brought out an actual rotisserie chicken as a lead in to the track ‘Rotisserie.’ Gravy himself took a few bites before leaning over to the security guard in front of him and saying “My brother can you pass this out?” Admitting that this was the first show the pair had played in months, Gravy admitted he thought they’d be a little rusty. He also admitted that the circumstances had him fully aroused and it was just then another fan went down in the crowd. A brief intermission while security was addressing his safety was followed by the selection of a pair or fans to join Gravy on stage. The pair of adolescents were responsible for the bbno$ half of the his song ‘Whip A Tesla’ and they did the best they could, though they missed most syllables who can blame them, they got the chance to go on stage with their favorite rapper. 

Yung Gravy once again took time to reflect on the situation he was in. Comparing the opening of the Fillmore in Minneapolis to others around the country Gravy exclaimed “This shit is just so fucking ignorant compared to those other openings.” But it was time for a special guest. Arguably the most special guest a rapper could bring out on stage. Their Mom. That’s right not only was Yung Gravy in the building last night, so was Mama Gravy. Together they made their way through another Baby Gravy Track ‘Welcome to Chili’s’ with Mama Gravy doing her part. It was a really genuine moment between mother and son and a highlight for sure. Wrapping up after an hour and a half of stage time Yung Gravy made sure to let us know how much the home state support means and promised he’d be back as soon as he could. He also hinted at some potential special plans this summer with all the boys he didnt bring through the show last night so that’ll be the silver lining at the end of this concert high. I can’t wait for whatever that is.