Screaming for Silence at The Park on Feb. 21st, 2016


Sunday Funday shows are usually a great time, but Sunday February 21st packed a little more fun into the day than normal.  The Park in MN brought to town Screaming for Silence during their recently started “Searching for Sasquatch” tour.  Sleep Signals joins them on this tour and local band Cold Kingdom was set to open the show.  I got to The Park and the crowd was packed into the venue to see all three of the bands.  It was nice to see the great turnout supporting this show, both from the fans and the other local bands!

Cold Kingdom started off the show promptly at 6:00.  From the first note to the end of the set, these guys are simply amazing with more energy than should be allowed on one stage flowing into the crowd.  The more songs they played, the more they drew in everyone in the venue up to the stage.  If you haven’t seen Cold Kingdom live yet, you really owe it to yourself to check out a show to find out why everyone leaves the show with a new found excitement in their eyes and a heart beating a bit faster.  This being an all-ages show, it was particularly cool to see the gleam in the children’s’ eyes as they watched their performance!  That’s the future of music and with great role models like Cold Kingdom, the future is looking really good!  I’ve taken photos of these guys so many times I’ve lost count, but with the energy they have on stage, it’s still a lot of fun!  Check out my photos below!

Next up was the newly re-organized Sleep Signals.  They have been through a change recently with their band members and I was excited to hear the new sound and feel of the music.  It seems I didn’t get the full effect of the change as one of the singers was sick and had lost his voice.  It might take me a little bit to get acclimated to the new sound, as I was used to the old lineup, but I thought they sounded good.  It takes a little while for everyone to mesh when changing up band members, so I am excited to see Sleep Signals in the future and watch how they grow in the next couple months.  The crowd seemed to dissipate after Cold Kingdom, so there wasn’t as much of a crowd up by the stage for them even though they were still in the venue.  At any rate, Sleep Signals was a great addition to tour with Screaming for Silence.  Check out my photos from their set below.

Now it was time for Screaming for Silence to rock the stage at The Park, and rock is what they did!  They came out hard and heavy and didn’t let up until their set was over!  The crowd started out small by the stage, but quickly grew within the first song.  I’ve seen Screaming for Silence quite a few times now and they never disappoint when it comes to their live show!  The addition of two smoke machines flanking Zeb is a nice addition to their performance.  The best part was seeing everyone line up by the merch area to get a photo with the band and the cool cardboard Sasquatch the band had!  I think it’s safe to say that everyone had a great time with Screaming for Silence and they were a great way to end this Sunday Funday at The Park!!  As you can always do, check out my photos below!

Another show in the books and what a show it was!  The best part is that I can do it all over again on Friday the 26th at Buster’s in Mankato, MN!!  Look for the preview article on that show soon!

As always, support live music and I’ll see you out there.