Sparkle and Beauty Shine With Dolls On Parade at Mill City Nights


Saturday night was smoking hot at Mill City Nights as Dolls On Parade brought their rock-n-roll, showgirl-esque dole dancing artists to the stage. The show features local Minnesota talent along with international legend Candace Cane and US Pole Dance Champion 2010 and Miss Pole Dance America creator, Alethea Austin.


The performance overall was one of raw talent, edgy, part-gritty, very mesmerizing, and a beautiful display of acrobatic strength and control. The show featured high-concept routines never before seen in Minnesota, such as a 1920’s circus-inspired act with a sparkling showgirl inside a giant birdcage, a spectacular Twilight Zone plane crash, a Clue board game act that ending with a BANG, escaped asylum patients, Harley Quinn from Suicide Squad, and an Exorcist-inspired routine. The performers conducted each routine flawlessly and showed the grace that could rival traditional ballet.

The show was presented by Dollhouse Pole Dance Studio. You can check them out online at: