Plain White T’s are Fired Up at Fine Line


Words and Photos by Maddi Waldron

Talk about a blast from the past. All ages entered Fine Line on Tuesday night, from young teens to older adults. The hype? Plain White Ts. With their rise to fame in the early 2000s with their album “Stop” and hit song “Hey There Delilah”, their songs have reached across decades. The band was celebrating their new self-titled album “Plain White T’s” with an aptly named tour “Fired Up Tour” based on one of the songs on their new album. First to take the stage was Pollyanna.



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Pollyanna from New Jersey

The band Pollyanna is a four person band coming from the land of New Jersey. The band consists of lead singer and guitarist Jill Beckett, drummer Daniel McCool, bassist Brandon Bolton, and guitarist Jack Rose. They show case a multitude of sounds, such as power-pop, loud rock, bubble grunge, and punk influences. Just looking at them you would think they would come out screaming with the punk rock lyrics, but the band played a variety of different songs.


With heavy melodic bass lines, and a little bit of grunge here and there, Pollyanna was really warming up the stage. It would have been fun to see them fully rock out, but unfortunately lead singer Jill had injured her back and was stationary in a chair per medical advice. Towards the end of their set, lead singer of the Plain White T’s  Tom Higgenson brought out a shot for the band because it was the bassist’s 30th birthday. A cake was brought to him as well as the crowd sang “Happy Birthday”. 



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Plain White T’s Fired Up

Before the Plain White T’s took the stage, lead singer Tom did a voice over speaking to the crowd. He asked them to vote on a song that they would add to their set list later on. The band came out roaring, bouncing all over the stage. They played a variety of songs, ranging from their earliest album to their latest. Tom had said it was the band’s goal to play at least one song from each of their released albums. They jumped between rock and acoustic songs, with much of the crowd singing along. 

Of course they saved their most popular songs for last. The band came back on for an encore, high fiving the crowd as they took the stage. The song the audience chose and they added to their setlist was “Friends Don’t Let Friends Dial Drunk” which they played first during the encore. Finally, it was time for “Hey There Delilah”, which wooed the crowd. At one point Tom stepped away from the mic, and Fine Line was loud with the audience singing. Lastly was Rhythm of love, where the band added beautiful melodies to the already existing ones in the song. It was an incredible night to see such an iconic band!


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