Shedding Her Diamonds Marina Wows Us At The Orpheum


With Caelen Akre – special to TCM

I was faced with a problem last night, could I be in two places at once? I was committed to photographing Avril Lavigne but Marina was playing just a block away 30 minutes earlier and I loved her show at the Northrop a couple of years ago. Turns out I had a fan in the family, so Caelen to the rescue while snuck across Hennepin Avenue for the first 3 songs of Avril’s set.

The Orpheum was close to sold out and fans were in the mood to party. The smiles, waves from the main floor to the balcony and laughter were infectious. Soon the lights dimmed for the opener Lizzy Plapinger who goes by LPX. She pretty much stormed the stage and her energy grabbed everyone by the back of the head and glued their eyes to the stage. A disconnected mic cord did not slow her down one bit, it was swiftly re-inserted and the show went on…. LPX is known to many as part of MS MR. She introduced a new song that she wrote as “an angry, confused, white girl” 30 minutes after breaking up with an ex. 

The last time I saw Marina she was still touring with a full band under the “and the diamonds” name. With her new album Love + Fear (or as she calls it a set)  she shed the themes of her previous album and focuses on herself and the music. That’s reflected in the stage. Gone are the bubblegum color graphics replaced by white. The band…..gone. The costume ….. understated (by her old standards). And it works

She started her set with “Handmade Heaven” a slow number supported by two dancers before kicking it into higher gear. Fans of course knew all the words and stepped up whenever Marina pointed her mic at the crowd. She slowed down and sat down on her keyboard for a couple of songs. She professed her love for Minneapolis as a “special music city”. The change from Love to Fear brought a new costume.

Through the show the red clad dancers and backup singers brought drama never more so than during the encore when hand held LEDs made “End of the Earth” look spectacular. And of course there was the “light saber action” during “Froot”

Judging by the cheers and smiles during and after the show, fans are enjoying the “new” Marina. 

Set List: 


Handmade Heaven / Hollywood / Primadonna / Enjoy Your Life / I Am Not a Robot / To Be Human / Superstar / Froot / Orange Trees / Teen Idle


Believe in Love / Bubblegum Bitch / Emotional Machine / No More Suckers / I’m Not Hungry Anymore / Kharma / Oh No! / Baby

Encore: End of the Earth / How to Be a Heartbreaker