Kamelot Awakened Myth Live’s Hearts


Twin Cities metal fanatics were treated to a evening of soaring choruses and epic battle cries as Kamelot brought battle tested brethren Ad Infinitum and Hammerfall to a raucous show at Myth Live this week! Kamelot are touring on a tour supporting their album from last year – The Awakening – and brought an incredible show package with them as they made their way back towards a home show to close out the tour in St. Petersburg. 

German/Swiss metallers Ad Infinitum opened the show, getting the crowd woken up with their tight, slick package of smart power metal with slightly more modern/contemporary metal leanings. Vocalist Melissa Bonny gave it everything she had – the way that she belted the highs of each song while putting her whole body into the guttural screams of some tracks was like watching someone possessed. The crowd was instantly raptured by her commanding stage persona, and the band worked through its 8 song setlist in a blink of an eye – though this would not be the last the crowd would see of Ad Infinitum that night.

Veteran power metallers HammerFall were up next and they wasted no time throwing down some powerful, moving riffs as crooner Joacim Cans took the energy of the venue to a whole new level. The Swedes are no stranger to amplifying the feeling at a venue, having been around the block and then around that block as well – their effortless stage charisma and charming theatrics are the kinds of things that only cheesy power metal vets could pull off and sell as completely authentic. HammerFall played for well over an hour with classics abound, yet you could barely tell that any time had passed at all when the final notes of Oscar Dronjak’s hammer-shaped guitar faded away.

Kamelot were up last, and came out to explosive gusts of fog as Tommy Karevik and co took the stage with a splash, leading directly into the opening track off of The Awakening, The Great Divide. Kamelot have had a lot of incredible first songs on their albums (loosely speaking, as they almost always have a symphonic intro track preceeding them), but The Great Divide is easily the best one they’ve done since Sacrimony (Angel of Afterlife). This would really go on to set the tone for the quality of their performance – leading with such an amazing track, Kamelot then cruised all over their discography – with angelic guest spots from Melissa Bonny, who would return to the stage and trade croons with Karevik and dramatically gesture to each other on stage. Kamelot elevated their performance in this way beyond simply playing music – their live performance took on a life of its own, becoming entirely its own thing, much as you’d expect from such a theatric and accomplished band. The group played for well over an hour, dipping way back into their catalog for songs like March of Mephisto off of The Black Halo (and an incredible live rendition to boot), and surely left the crowd more than satiated for their power metal fix.