New Primals Release Show This Friday at 7pm! Tune In.


This shutdown has turned the Twin Cities and the rest of the world upside down. Musicians and artists are among those having their livelihood taken away from them. Tours are cancelled, venues are shut down. The music seems to have stopped in person. But we also live in 2020 and we are technologically advanced more that we were even 5 years ago.

This Friday would have been New Primals record release show for their new debut album “Horse Girl Energy” at Mortimers with some of our favorite bands but that c-word of the C word said no. New Primals wouldn’t let us down. They have teamed up with Mid City Studio to bring you their release show live IN YOUR HOUSE via Facebook and Instagram Live. They are bringing along local legends Gay Witch Abortion to the stream too. Trust me, this will be a show to watch. Tune into their Facebook page or Instagram Live at 7pm to see the show. Go to their Facebook page for all the details. 

New Primals
Photo by Sylvia Jennings


Gay Witch Abortion
Photo by John Oakes

We need to support our fellow artists more than ever. Go to their Bandcamp and order their record. It will be worth it.

There will be tons more of live stream events. Our artist and musicians still want to perform for us. If you know of a band or performer with a live stream coming up, get the word out. I will try my best to find and post as many as I can.  

We are all struggling right now and we need our music and arts scene more than ever but THEY need us even more. Consider going to your favorite local artist page or local venue page and donate whatever you can, whether its a stream or a couple of bucks or a word of mouth to other people. We are in this together.