Aaron Lewis plays a SOLD OUT First Ave


Grammy nominated and multi-platinum recording artist, Aaron Lewis played Sunday night to a Sold Out First Ave Minneapolis, MN. The former Staind front man first made his country debut in 2011 with certified gold single “Country Boy” followed by the release of his first full length solo album, The Road. “Country Boy” featured Charlie Daniels on fiddle and a booming verse from George Jones as well as Chris Young striking a balance between classic and modern country.  Aaron latest album “Sinner“ was released in late 2016. The album has already hit #4 on the U.S. charts. The “Sinner” Tour has been crisscrossing the states since the start of 2017 and ends August 18 in Nashville,TN.

Opener Travis Marvin, a Kansas native, has been rocking the region for nearly a decade and gaining momentum by the minute. His life perspective and passion for country music is evident in every note and in every word he delivers. Marvin’s high energy, charisma and powerhouse performances have gained thousands of fans, followers and have sold tens of thousands of copies of his most recent album “Simple” on Itunes and Amazon. Travis brought out his acoustic guitar and played the opening set setting  the tone for the night of “Real Country Music” for a solid thirty five minute set. The fans loved the amazing voice of Travis Marvin.

Long haired country singer songwriter Alex Williams followed next. The Indiana native has a little 80’s hair metal mixed with his incredible Country sound. Williams played an impressive forty five minute set. The excitement and energy from the stage certainly spilled over to the fans and got them rocking and ready for Aaron Lewis.

The lights went down and the intro song of Johnny Cash rang out “God’s Gonna Cut You Down“. The fans were singing and swaying to the beloved music of Johnny Cash. Aaron Lewis slowly walked on stage the screams were deafening. As Aaron walked up to the microphone he stated the “Pledge of Allegiance” with 1,600 of his closest Minnesota friends. The opening song was “Country Boy“, Aaron stopped several times and the crowd sang word for word back to him. Aaron played a twenty six song setlist with amazing covers of Prince, Journey, Cyndi Lauper, Bon Jovi and of course Staind. Aaron played Prince’s “Purple Rain” and “When Doves Cry“. The closing song was the Staind monster hit “Outside“.  Aaron Lewis will certainly be a hard driving force in years to come in Country music.