Misterwives Brings The Energy and Color to First Avenue


Let me list off all of the things I should have done last night: Vacuum, wash the dishes currently piling up in my sink, laundry, clean my cats’ litter box, sleep… but instead of doing any of those things, I found myself at First Avenue for the Go Show sponsored by, local radio station, Go 96.3.

The show started with Bell the Band… Well, with one member of Bell the Band. Based in New York City but with a southern sound that would have you convinced otherwise, Bell the Band is typically a five piece but the young crowd at First Avenue was treated to a solo performance by singer Caitlin Marie Bell. Caitlin seemed to be a bit shy as she took the stage alone with just a guitar in hand but, due to the warm welcoming of the audience, she loosened up a bit and ended up presenting a super intimate and beautiful set.

Caitlin’s voice had a very old-school southern feel to it making her cover of “Make Me A Pallet on the Floor” (from the 19th century) perfectly fitting. The fact that she would pick such an old song to cover was a huge selling point for me. It was a song that I doubt anyone in the crowd had heard before and it was a perfect way for her to showcase her talented voice. Sure, the crowd wasn’t very enthusiastic when it came to helping her sing the song but she didn’t seem to mind. With a passion and an apparent love for what she was doing, Caitlin played through her quick set with her beautiful soul shining as bright as the spotlight that illuminated her as she performed.

Up next was a group of high-school kids who have been making waves in recent months. The Greeting Committee was the main reason I had interest in last night’s show. I caught one of their singles on the radio and was instantly intrigued. I have to be honest, when listening to their music, I had no clue just how young this four-piece was and was a bit shocked when they took the stage. Although they looked the part of being super young, they didn’t act like it and took the stage with a sense of fury and energy that you would expect from seasoned veterans.

I was instantly envious of singer Addie Sartino’s energy. There I was downing Red Bull’s and still having trouble staying awake while she was up on stage literally jumping to every single beat. Beyond her copious amount of energy, I was struck by her voice. Addie’s voice is what intrigued me about this band from the first time I heard them and being able to see and hear it live just solidified my thought that these guys are definitely going to be “the next big thing” very soon. Addie’s voice is a bit haunting at times as she seems to stay in a lower range but she also doesn’t stray away from higher pitched notes. When she hits those high notes, it’s a goose-bump inducing sound.

The Greeting Committee did a great balancing act of playing upbeat songs mixed with slower, darker songs. Due to their age and energy, even the darker, slower songs came off as more upbeat than they do on recordings and sometimes that can really irk me but it was clear that these guys were just playing for their audience and they were nailing it. Addie ended the set with a jump into the crowd to crowd surf. After the crowd let her down so she could walk back and start tearing down the stage, I caught her giving multiple people some of the most sincere hugs I had ever seen. It was that energy and aura that had me wanting more when their short set ended. Keep your eyes on this band… seriously.

Finishing off the night was Misterwives. With three full lengths albums, this New York City based pop band has been taking over the world one single at a time. To say their songs are catchy would be an understatement. Whether you like this band or not, there’s no way that you can listen to their music without singing, or at least humming, along. It seems like these guys are constantly on a tour and I more than respect the grind that they have been doing since they started five years ago.

Misterwives’ set was full of poppy anthems, heartfelt speeches about staying true to yourself, and thank yous. The crowd was singing along to every single song and the band members seemed to be enjoying that. Overall it was a super positive atmosphere in the room. Being an all ages show, there was no spilled beer all over my shoes or the stench of marijuana in the air. There was a sense of innocence about the whole night and I think that’s something that, sadly, I haven’t experience in awhile. It made their set feel refreshing and genuine and had me falling head over heels for this group.

All six members of this band jumped and danced their way through the nearly hour and a half long set and had me in the palm of their hand. With each member wearing bright and funky outfits, while standing on a stage that looked like something straight out of a fairy tale, there was more than enough to observe. Their energy and outfits mixed with the dreamlike backdrop truly transported me from every single personal problem that had been haunting me throughout the day… the way a concert should. 

There were so many things I was supposed to do last night. Thankfully, the show was an early one and I was home by 9:30 (which is when majority of my shows are starting). Not only did I get the cats’ litter box cleaned, I also got to see what ended up being a thoroughly enjoyable show.