Waxahatchee packs The Triple Rock with Cayetana and Snail Mail


The concert schedule in Minneapolis has been absolutely stacked this summer to say the least. With a show just about every night of the week and a block party or festival every weekend it’s really hard to be a bored music fan in the Twin Cities during the summer months. But sometimes all of the live music can lead to a bit of fatigue – things start to sound and look the same. Lately I’ve found myself craving something, well different and last night at the Triple Rock, I got just that. Alabama native (now based in Philadelphia), Waxahatchee aka Katie Crutchfield, swung by the Triple Rock Social Club in support of her newest album Out of the Storm. Waxahatchee was supported by Snail Mail and Cayetana.

Opening up the evening was Baltimore-based Snail Mail. This trio is the brainchild of Lindsey Jordan, lead guitar and vocals. I first fell in love with Snail Mail after seeing them open for Girlpool at The Entry just last month here in the Twin Cities. Jordan, at just  just 18-years-young is a bit of prodigy. She’s already caught the attention of some major names in the music industry with her gritty vocals and complex songs.  Snail Mail is taking no time off, clearly hitting the tour circuit hard in support of their 2016 Habit – EP. Last nights set featured bangers off that EP including the earworm Thinning and some new tracks I haven’t hear from Snail Mail yet (new album in the works, we hope). Jordan is honestly one of those voices that only comes along so many times in a generation. When Jordan sings, it’s like a suckerpunch to the gut of emotion – heartbreak, loss, joy, falling in and out love. But what is so unique about Jordan  she sings with nearly no vocal inflection but still packs a punch in every line. I don’t think it will be long before we see Jordan and Snail Mail headlining their own tour. Stay tuned.

Up next was the one band of the evening I didn’t know before last night – Philadelphia-based Cayetana. Despite not really knowing what to expect from Cayetana, I was an instant fan. So I’d be lying if I didn’t say I first fell in love with these girls simply on their kickass hair. From frontwoman Augusta Koch’s kickass pink up-do to bassist Allegra Anka curly locks to drummer Kelly Olsen’s flowing brown hair. Call me shallow, call me sexist, whatever – these girls have damn good hair. Hair aside, Cayetana’s set was loud, punky, and poppy. Catchy bass lines, boppy drumming and gritty vocals – they fit in perfectly at the Triple Rock, a historically punk venue. These girls played with the gumption and fire of any headlining act. There is a unique quality to Koch’s voice that fits well whether she’s belting her heart out on tracks like Mesa, with lyrics like “we can only hurt ourselves so long, we can only hurt each other till it all goes wrong,” or more shout along tracks like Bus Ticket. Cayetana’s set. I was too young during the Riot Grrrl era, but Cayetana are probably the closest I get to seeing Sleater Kinney or Bratmobile live. Check out their album New Kind of Normal and do yourself a favor and catch them live next time they roll through Minneapolis!

Finally, closing out the evening was headliners Waxahatchee. After such a solid evening of music already, it seemed like the night couldn’t get any better, but of course it did. Waxahatchee took to the stage, the band in black suits and ties and frontwoman Katie Crutchfield in head to toe white. Lead vocalist and guitarist Crutchfield is truly a force of nature to be reckoned with. There is something about her aura that demands your attention. She had the room captivated from the top to bottom of her set. The set was a mix of tracks off her newest album Out of the Storm, as well as some of her older hits. Waxahatchee set was truly an experience, not just another “show.” Crutchfield sings with such power and emotion behind her voice, you really are on a journey with her throughout the set. The tracks off her album are pretty much what they sound like, about coming out of the storm, healing from heartbreak and reorientating yourself to the world after a relationship gone wrong. Crutchfield’s newer tracks have a twangy, country feeling to them paired with heartfelt lyrical storytelling. Crutchfield displayed a unique awareness of the crowd at the Triple Rock, as if she could sense the emotion in the room. “How are you guys doing?” Crutchfield asked. “No, I want to know how you’re doing,” she said with a tone of seriousness – pointing out a specific corner of the room. “Are you guys good? I thought I saw fighting. I just want to make sure everyone is good. If you’re fighting, maybe let’s separate.” Turned out everyone was fine, but it was unique to see an artist display that genuine awareness and care for her audience. Waxahatchee played through their roughly hour long set to absolutely riveted crowd. 

Setlist: Recite Remorse / Silver / Poison / Misery Over Dispute / The Dirt / Sparks Fly / 8 Ball / Brother Bryan / Lively / Never Been Wrong / Hear You / Air / Waiting / Coast to Coast / Brass Beam / A Little More / No Question / Peace and Quiet / Encore: Under a Rock