Life in Film at the Varsity Theater 5/6/2015


One day after releasing their debut album “Here It Comes” British band Life in Film played a packed Varsity Theater. Opening with “Full Circle” the band quickly engaged their audience. Centered on lead vocalist Samuel Fry’s distinctive voice the band clean sound, prominent lead guitar and stage presence worked well together live.
Being their first tour in the US they have their share of road stories. Figuring Indianapolis and Minneapolis being close in name and therefore being in close proximity they were surprised at the distance “It’s like going about England 3 times”.
After some lively song Fry announced (tongue in cheek) ”We are going to play a quiet one, so the people in back can keep talking” Their current hit single “Get Closer” has been getting quite a bit of radio play lately. Overall I was impressed with Life in Film’s set. All the elements for a great band and in place and work together well.
Set List:
Full Circle
This War
Are you sure
What happens next
Get Closer
Lovely Jubbly

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