Whitey Morgan and the 78’s at The Cabooze


Whitey Morgan and the 78’s brought their brand of outlaw country music to The Cabooze on a Friday night. The excitement was buzzing in the venue as fans came from all over Minnesota (even a few from Wisconsin) to take in the performance.

As Whitey Morgan and the 78’s took the stage, their rich, full sound, filled the venue and the crowd ate it up. The pedal steel guitar is expertly played by Brett Robinson. It adds to the sexy flavor that is the undertone of the outlaw country. Born from the Detroit area music scene, Morgan tours nearly constantly, playing in every club he can and finding fans everywhere he goes. The fans seem to be quite loyal, returning each and every time he comes back to town and bringing more people with them to enjoy the music.

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  • Buick
  • Cocaine
  • Bad News
  • Another Round
  • I’m On Fire
  • Prove It All
  • Honkey Queen
  • Crazy
  • Drunken Nights
  • 11-29
  • Sinner
  • Still Drunk
  • Memories
  • Waymores
  • I Ain’t Drunk
  • Where Do You Want It
  • Waitin Round
  • Fire On The Mountain


Whitey Morgan:
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