Last Nights Trip With Trippie Redd At Myth Live Was A Wild One.


Arriving a bit later than expected the line had stretched through the parking lot of Myth Live and showed no indication that doors had been open for 20 minutes already. Hip hop was in the building as djs spun and people danced, flooding the floor in anticipation. First up Lil Duke. His excitement was present as he rapped effortlessly over a multitude of instrumentals and interacted with my camera lens. He was on the stage one minute then off it the next feeding the crowd bar after bar.

Coi Leary set the crowd off with a brief yet energetic set. Her lyrics amped the crowd and her dance moves incentivized,  she was even full on breakdancing at one point. Apparently very grateful for the position in which she had found herself tonight, as she closed out the stage confetti filled the sky and cheers rose to a high for the night so far. 

Trippie Redd commands the stage. A talent that is not always found in the most seasoned of performers let alone one just shy of twenty years of age. While his career spans no more than a couple years his energetic bound onto the stage almost seems to imply decades of experience. As if he knew this was the best way to emerge from back stage.

He’s sure of himself and for good reason. Aside from the entourage that the young artist had invited on stage, a packed Myth crowd is ready and waiting to recite the anthems he has crafted for them. With his career being based as much on live shows as creating new music, it’s no wonder people in the audience were so aware. For some this was a repeat experience I’m sure. For me a first.

Running through hits from his appropriately lengthy discography, Trippie has been busy, all eyes were on him. Tupac style. Often times crowds can tend to wander in their focus. To simultaneously enjoy the music the are experiencing as well as the people they have come with or the venue that is hosting the evening. This seemed few and far between last night, as I said before he commanded the stage. However he also commanded the gaze of all those in the crowd.