Josh Ritter at the Pantages Theatre – 1/27/2016


Fresh from an appearance on Conan O’Brien last night singer-songwriter Josh Ritter played the Pantages Wednesday Night. He played with The Royal City Band promoting his 2015 album “Sermon on the Rocks”
Opening the evening was Nederland, CO band Elephant Revival. The band describes themselves as five souls has been making music for nearly a decade and their new album “Petals” will be out in April when they will be returning to the Twin Cities. The all acoustic group uses a dazzling array of instruments including a washboard and a singing saw. I enjoyed the wide range of songs they played, from slow soulful ballads, acapella songs, instrumental pieces to tunes that almost got the audience to leave their seats to dance. Elephant Revival delivered a great set and judging by the thunderous applause, the crowd enjoyed it as much as I did.

Josh Ritter took the stage by himself and started the show with “Idaho” a slow tune and The Royal City Band joined him on stage to close out the song. Ritter greeted the crowd in the well attended Pantages, telling them that he had crossed to Frozen Wastes to be here tonight. He then switched to his newer faster paced material for the next several songs including a Kanye West cover. Throughout the show he returned to his slow, soft roots. Ritter switched pace as easy as swapping out guitars and went from jumping around the stage one minute to calmness without missing a beat. As I made my way through the theater, I heard many fans singing along or humming. Overall I cannot think of two better acts to showcase the wide range the Americana genre covers.
Set List: Idaho/ Birds of the Meadow – No Church / Young Moses / Right Moves / Rumors / Monster Ballads / Come Here and Find Me / Henrietta, Indiana / A Certain Light / Seeing Me Round / Where the Night Goes / Cumberland / The Stone / Snow Is Gone / The Temptation of Adam / Engine Engine #9 / Bonfire / Getting Ready to Get Down/ Kathleen /Homecoming  Encore: Change of Time / To the Dogs or Whoever

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