Ryan Bingham at First Avenue – 1/26/2016


Ryan Bingham is living proof that one can live in Los Angeles without losing one’s Texas roots. The singer-songwriter played First Avenue Tuesday night. The crowd leaned heavily in the male/white/with hat direction and throughout the evening a good, rowdy energy kept First Ave buzzing.

Just having released their debut album “Misty Shrub” LA band Bird Dog opened the evening. The band describes themselves as “Five brutes brought together by the hazy mountains of Southern California”. Their sound has strong rock feel while staying in touch with its folksy side. A drummer and the percussionist / keyboard player kept things up-tempo and while many in the crowd had not heard of the band before, judging by the cheers, Bird Dog had made a few fans by the end of their set. And as they gig happened in front of one of the band members in laws, that certainly made a good impression

Ryan Bingham took the stage with a four-piece band and the crowd was ready for him. Bingham started his set with fast paced sings that got the audience into the swing of things quite quickly – foot stomping was strongly encouraged by him. His Texas twang perfectly suited his songs, I kept looking for a Texan to Minnesotan translator to step on stage. He slowed the pace for several more bluesy songs and started his encore with a couple of acoustic songs before bringing the band back out for a “hootin’ tootin’ good ole time” finish.

Set List: Dollar a Day \ Top Shelf Drug \ Tell My Mother I Miss Her So \ Depression \ Radio \ Bluebird \ Hallelujah \ Atlantic City
(Bruce Springsteen cover) \ Guess Who’s Knockin’ \ Sunrise \ Country Roads \ My Diamond Is Too Rough \ Hard Times \ Southside of Heaven \ The Weight (The Band cover) \ Encore: The Poet \ Ever Wonder Why \ Sunshine \ Bread and Water

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