Jake Bugg creates something special at the Fine Line


On Tuesday, November 28th the First Avenue strip in Minneapolis was alive. Gary Numan was playing at the ever famous First Avenue, The Timberwolves were playing at the newly renovated Target Center and at the Fine Line Music Café, the young English folk/rocker singer Jake Bugg played to a full house. The night was filled with fantastic acoustic guitar playing and incredible vocals. The crowd in turn gave the musicians their full attention and applause.

Opening for Jake Bugg was Lydia Liza. Liza is a well established artist in the Minneapolis music scene. She and her guitarist played with incredible sync. Their musical style complimented each other very well with a mix of folk, pop, and classical guitar playing. Liza’s voice was spectacular. She could hit ever note imaginable and the audience was in love with her from the moment she started singing. On the second to last tune of their thirty minute set they played a song about still howling at moon. When she asked the crowd to singalong we did not fail. The room was alive with a full house singing. Not a bad way to go out for an opening band!

The last few times Jake Bugg has come through the Twin Cities I somehow have always missed him, so I didn’t know what to expect. When he came out on stage by himself, I knew it was either going to be a show that would drag on or it was going to be mind blowing. It was past mind blowing. There is something very special about someone who can hold their own on stage. Being on stage is hard enough but when you have no one to hide behind when you mess up takes a lot of guts and talent. The man has both. Plus a great sense of humor that he showed off in between songs by telling stories, jokes and bantering with fans.
Bugg was touring his new album “Hearts that Strain”. As he walked on stage he started playing the title track. After that he played an impressive 21 song set. With songs from his new album, an unreleased song from his third alum, one song from his third album and a large handful of songs from his first two LPs. Bugg closed the set with his hit song “Lightning Bolt”. As the song was winding down he asked the audience if he should do one more chorus. The audience erupted and sang along loud enough that Gary Numan and The Timberwolves could probably hear them. Nobody left that night feeling dissatisfied.

Hearts That Strain
How Soon the Dawn
Strange Creatures
Simple As This
Southern Rain
Trouble Town
Country Song
Me and You
There’s a Beast and We All Feed It
Slumville Sunrise
Good Time Charlie
In The Event Of My Demise
The Love We’re Hoping For
Indigo Blue
Two Finger
Lightning Bolt