It’s Happening! Mandy Moore Is Coming To First Avenue July 12th


It’s finally happening! 

After a long break from releasing music, Mandy Moore is back with two albums primed and ready for a North American Tour; 2020’s Silver Landings, and 2022’s In Real Life. The break was embellished with memorable roles in her acting career. Most notably, she’s been on millions of living room TVs as Rebecca Pearson on the series This Is Us.  

If you’re like me, she’s been a part of your life even before she got “coned” as Lana in Princess Diaries, learned to love in How To Deal, and taught us that being yourself is the best way in A Walk To Remember. Her bubblegum pop music was in my purple portable CD player in the 90’s. Obviously, a myriad of life events has occurred between then and now, but her presence in pop culture has always been steady and wonderful. 

There’s something really special about growing up with an artist and evolving with them. These new albums usher in a whole new era. One where she seems to feel right where she belongs. She has battled hardships and come out stronger. This shows prominently, and it’s brilliant. Her familiar voice coming through my headphones is a comfort – especially when some other favorite voices like Holly and Jess from Lucius soar around it. 

This tour promises to be so refreshing – a step out of the pandemic with a fresh perspective and new focus. Moore is now expecting her second child with husband Taylor Goldsmith of Dawes. He will also be joining as part of her band. The dynamic on stage is sure to make the stage feel like home. 

If you want to join me at the show pick up tickets HERE!