Interview : Morgan Page – Skyway on 2/6/2016


Grammy-nominated DJ Morgan Page will be coming to Minneapolis’ Skyway Theater on Feb. 6th. He is currently touring behind his latest release, DC to Light. This is Page’s sixth album and a new direction for the electro house extraordinaire. Crisp melodies and divine vocals are evidence of the solar power inspiration that literally powered the production of every track. DC to Light features over a dozen artists including multiple collaborations from Angelika Vee and Lissie.

TCM was able to sit down with the popular DJ before his February concert in the Skyway. Tickets are still available HERE

I see you grew up in Vermont, where are you currently living?
I paid my winter dues in Vermont, but decided to move to LA 12 years ago.
Do you see any regional influence on your music?
Things changed so much with social media that it feels way less like regional sounds or geographic cliques now. Whereas it used to be about a NY, Chicago, or Detroit sound.
Lots of artists are featured on your tracks, how do those collaborations come about?
Usually I seek out unique voices and strong songwriters that I think would complement my sound. I like to find people doing music in other genres, to make things unique.
“DC to Light” has a very clean and upbeat sound, what was the inspiration behind that?
I wanted the DC to Light songs to be simple and effective, focusing on the songwriting but still having some electronic edge.
Is it difficult to maintain your clean quality when performing live?
Performing live is a whole different beast and it’s more about creating a vibe and energy, mashing up familiar songs and creating moments on the dance floor.
Do you feel “DC to Light” has attracted new groups of fans because it is a departure from your previous works?
I want every album to be a little different from the next, so I don’t repeat myself. I think this usually helps expand your fanbase.
It has been 3 years since your last album, how have you grown since your last album?
I learned a lot more about making music, which I’ve compiled in my blog and now I’m completely restructuring my sound. It takes so long to make an album that I’ll likely be focusing more on singles next.
Do you feel that you can see that growth in “DC to Light”?
I’m way too close to the material to objectively see this – but I hope other people see growth with every release.
Do you find remixing easier or harder than creating an original? Remixing is almost always easier because it’s a faster workflow.