Haley Reinhart Turns Me Into Roger Rabbit At The Amsterdam


I had Haley Reinhart’s show on my radar for a few weeks filed under “if my schedule works out”. Well my schedule worked out but when I checked the Varsity Theater for that show last week, poof it was gone. A bit of checking found she had been moved the Amsterdam but listening to a few audience members I wasn’t the only one that went through a bit of musical scavenger hunt. What the audience lacked in size (seriously, you guys missed a fun show) it made up in diversity. Teenagers? Check! Couples on a date? Check! A couple of fellows dressed up like it was the 20s? Check and Check!

Oakland’s Jennah Bell started the show with a fairly quiet set that highlighted her beautiful voice.

I knew about Reinhart from her videos with Postmodern Jukebox, but was not very familiar with her solo work. Well let me tell you, YouTube does not do her justice. I jotted “Roger Rabbit” into my notebook after the first song. Yes, I felt like the toon seeing Jessica Rabbit for the first time. Fortunately for the audience, I manage to keep toon effects under control as to not disturb the show. Her vocals are beyond impressive moving from a soft whisper, to full blast, and to a low throated growl seamlessly in an instant. 

Of course the set list was heavy on her new album Lo-Fi Soul. She jumped from the title track to her first single ever “Free” in a heartbeat. Short side trips to cover songs were sprinkled throughout with the audiences’ fast reaction to “Seven Nation Army” earning and “You guys are Quick!” from the stage.  Reinhart seemed to be having as much fun as her fans. 

My personal favorite was a psychedelic rendition of “Follow Me” that was quite a departure from the rest of the set.

Set List: Deep Water / Lo-fi Soul / Free / Honey, There’s The Door / Follow Me / Seven Nation Army / Broken Record / Lay It Down / Crack The Code / Sunny Afternoon / Check Please / Good Or Bad / Oh Damn / Can’t Help Falling In Love / Baby Doll / Shook

Encore: Don’t Know How To Love You / Creep / Let’s Start