Guster at First Avenue (with Vetiver) – 2/4/2016


It seems that Boston band Guster, are cool enough, to impact the weather. Two weeks ago they played and impromptu “dumpster set” in a Philly back alley while stranded during a blizzard and Thursday they breezed into town on the heels of first serious storm to play First Avenue.

Starting out the evening were veteran indie folk rockers Vetiver promoting their 2015 album “Complete Strangers”. The group is centered on singer-songwriter Andy Cabic. During their set he mentioned pervious shows at First Avenue. Their sound showed a range of influences from heavy rock guitar riffs, an almost pop sounding intro to country. Overall a well delivered set that kept things quite interesting.

Guster took the stage to the sounds of “Also sprach Zarathustra”. Kicking off with “What You Wish For”. Someone in the crowd must have gotten excited and threw something on stage, because front man Ryan Miller deputized “two tall guys” from the audience to keep future throwers in check. Throughout the set the band had great interaction with their fans including a trip to the front barrier by Miller. The crowd was a mix of ages and gender speaking to Gusters wide appeal as a great live band.

Set List: What You Wish For \ Gangway \ Amsterdam \ Two Points for Honesty \ Doin’ It By Myself \ Barrel of a Gun \ Simple Machine \ Lightning Rod \ Bad Bad World \ Airport Song \ Hang On \ Come Downstairs and Say Hello \ Dear Valentine \ That’s No Way to Get to Heaven \ Red Oyster Cult \ Expectation \ Happier \ Satellite \ This Could All Be Yours \ Encore: Long Night \ Diane \ What You Call Love \ Fa Fa

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