Go Buy A White T-Shirt So You Get a Free Souvenir- GWAR is Stopping By First Avenue 11/7


Are you like me and just not ready for Halloween to be done? Continue the celebrations until Tuesday, November 7th when GWAR takes over First Avenue. I shouldn’t really have to explain to you who GWAR is but, in case you’ve been living under a rock, GWAR is a Virginia based metal band known for their elaborate costumes and insane live show. Don’t wear clothes you love to this show because they will be worn. One of my favorite parts of watching GWAR live is the fake blood and other bodily fluids that are shot at the crowd from the stage. The colored liquid leaves your clothes stained, you feeling nasty and sticky but it’s worth all of it. Pro tip: wear a plain white t-shirt to this show and you get a free souvenir since you will be covered in fake blood. Getting covered in the fake blood is like a rite of passage and something that is way more fun that I could ever make it sound by writing about it. As I mentioned, GWAR’s live show is insane. Between “killing” pop superstars and certain politicians throughout the show, there’s always a story line that fans can easily get lost in. GWAR has been thrilling audiences since the mid 1980’s and, although they have lost some members to unfortunate circumstances (including multiple tragic deaths of members), GWAR has never left their touch and their fanbase continues to grow. I remember growing up and dreaming about the day my parents would finally let me see GWAR live and now I’ll be going to see them twice in one year (I caught them at Riot Fest in Chicago last month). GWAR is a can’t miss show whether you have seen them before or not.

Opening the show will be Ghoul, U.S. Bastards and (a personal favorite of mine) He Is Legend. Each one of these bands will bring a different style to the show and a different kind of live vibe. Regardless, this is sure to be a night full of high-energy bands and great music. Don’t miss out!

Tickets are still on sale here.