Ghost Firmly Grasp The Crowd At The Sold Out Palace Theatre


For much of Ghost’s 12 year history the identity of band members was shrouded in mystery, but that did not keep them from becoming a fan favorite in metal circles and an absolute must for every music photographer out there to cover. Mask? Costumes? An enigmatic front man with a ton of stage persona? That’s what photographers dream about at night!

The mystery bubble burst last year in a lawsuit between singer Tobias Forge and former band members when Forge’s Identity was revealed. Ghost kicked his Papa Emeritus III persona to the satanic curb and Cardinal Copia took over. The new album “Prequelle” was released on June 1, and Ghost’s tour was bringing them to the Palace just one day later. The day before the performance tragedy struck as a fan died of heart related problems during intermission in Milwaukee forcing them to cancel the second half of their performance out of respect.

Ghost’s current show is played in 2 sets with a scheduled intermission. The evening began with classical and liturgical music to set the mood before “Ashes”, the first song of their new album, started 2 ½ hours of onslaught. Ghost. It’s hard to convey to those,  who never have been to a Ghost show, how well their concept works. It’s far from the brutal satanic shows full of fake (and sometimes real) blood other Scandinavian bands are known for. But at the same time it’s dark, macabre and keeps your attention riveted to what’s happening on stage. There was a Sax Solo (complete with wheelchair and nurses), an “acoustic” number and a couple of cover songs, and a jam session that introduced the various soulless Ghouls as…….. You guessed it, Ghouls.

Ghost may be a bit to costumy for some hard core metal fans, but there’s no denying that their music speaks to millions of fans all over the world and their live show is one of the most interesting performances out there.

Act I: Klara stjärnor \ Miserere Mei, Deus \ Ashes \ Rats \ Absolution \ Ritual \ Con Clavi Con Dio \ Per Aspera ad Inferi \ Devil Church \ Cirice \ Stand by Him \ Miasma \ Jigolo Har Megiddo \ Pro Memoria \ Deus in Absentia

Act II : Masked Ball \ Spirit \ From the Pinnacle to the Pit \ Faith \ Year Zero \ Spöksonat \ He Is \ Prime Mover \ Mummy Dust \ If You Have Ghosts \ Dance Macabre \ Square Hammer

Encore: Monstrance Clock \ The Host of Seraphim