Gallagher at the Pourhouse – 2/12/2016


At age 69 prop comedian Gallagher still swings the mighty Sledge-o-Matic with gusto, but after 4 heart attacks he has learned to delegate some of the work to his audience much to their delight.

Gallagher performed at the Pourhouse Friday night and will be back tonight. If you are a suburbanite, afraid of big bad downtown, and looking for a romantic Valentines Day date he will be at the Maple Tavern Sunday night. His show starts with the famous Sledge-o-Matic out of sight and out of mind. Gallaghers routine has 3 themes consistently woven into the jokes and stories: That god is not your friend (or he would have done a better job designing humans), Spoonfork (good at neither task) and French words in the English language.

More than just a tool to swing the hammer, Gallagher is quite funny and his jokes at times make you think first, then laugh much harder. He did a few bits with audience involvement and his interaction with a couple of hecklers was priceless. As the show progressed, he gradually build the pies that would later be delivered to the audience. The Pourhouse had covered many critical areas in plastic wrap, but someone had messed up the specs on the wooden anvil and built it to high. That did not stop Gallagher who commented: “We are going to do a number on those screens” referring to the monitors surrounding the stage. And out came the Sledge-o-Matic. The pie plates built earlier were delivered with speed and precision.

To deliver the birthday cake Gallagher took some volunteers from the audience and fed them hammer delivered cake. As a reward, they got to use the hammer on cut up water melon and splash the rest of the crowd. Overall a great show well worth anyone’s time and soiled clothing!

Tickets for Saturday (Pourhouse)

Tickets for Sunday (Maple Tavern)



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