Gaelic Storm at Mill City Nights,


When a band has close to 3000 live shows under their belt it reflects in their stage presence and performance. Gaelic Storm definitely lived up to their fans’ expectations. On a rather cold night, Mill City Nights got creative and let fans wait in their basement rather than brave the single digits outside. That must have come great relief to the young lady who decided to show up in a halter top with no jacket in single digit weather. Kudos to the venue for keeping their guests in mind.

After a brief warm up by a duo of pipers, Gaelic Storm took the stage and immediately captured the crowd with “Scalliwag” from their 2006 album Bring Yer Wellies. They followed with  “Born to be a Bachelor” and a mix of their work over the last 10+ years.

Some non-musical observations:

  • Patrick Murphy does a mean Minnesota Accent.
  • Gaelic Storm will always remember driving to Minneapolis for a 6 AM breakfast show for Cities 97 where they got to play for a crowd of 12 people.
  • My most difficult task of the night was to get some good shots of Violin player Kiana Weber without coming of as “creepy up skirt peeper with a camera” and risking a red high heel to the face 🙂
  • The band had a role in “Titanic” as the Irish band in steerage

The audience was enthusiastic,  had a great time, and left quite a bit warmer than they came in. And on a Minnesota February night, that’s about as good as it gets.

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