Flipturn Selling Out First Avenue During Snowstorm

American indie rock band Flipturn at First Avenue.
Flipturn plays for a sold out crowd at Minneapolis' First Avenue.

Driving down the I-94 and seeing signs of “Snowstorm Warning Under Effect”, we were slightly concerned about going downtown Minneapolis to First Avenue for Flipturn. But in the end, we found it to be all worth it. Once we arrived at the venue, the doors stated that the show was sold out. This was particularly surprising due to the impending weather we were to have this weekend. The American indie rock band hailing from Florida had Richy Mitch and The Coal Miners supporting them on tour. 

Richy Mitch and The Coal Miners

Getting launched to popularity on TikTok with their song “Evergreen”, Richy Mitch and The Coal Miners have surmounted a whopping 19 million monthly listeners on Spotify. The crowd was pumped for them to take stage. They hail from Seattle, and their sounds really reflect that. They are and indie folk/rock band, and play music for listening in the mountains. When leading into a cover song, the lead singer Mitch Cutts joked about playing “Purple Rain” during sound check, but ended up playing a different song. Their guitar riffs and beats that give almost a nostalgic feel, and the crowd was going wild for this group. Also, let’s not forget the lead singer shreaded the keys. 


I don’t remember exactly when or how I discovered this band, but their songs have been on my large alternative indie playlist for quite some time. Flipturn came on stage with an insane start. With crazy flashing lights and bounding all over the stage, this band was definitely entertaining the crowd. Made up of 5 members, this band had quite the stage presence. Although there was not much talking with the crowd, they kept us entertained with back to back banger of songs. 

When I say they were everywhere, I mean everywhere. At one point the drummer hopped off the stage into the pit with a drum and played a solo leading into another song. The band debuted a new song, and said that it felt right to play in Minneapolis. Their reasoning for this is during their pre-show ritual, they pray to the Twin City artist Prince. This band has been doing a ton, and on tour with many different artists, so I am glad that they are getting their rightful time to shine in the spot light during this headlining tour. Braving the snow was worth it, and I hope that everyone who’s a fan of the indie scene gets the chance to see this group play. 

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